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In contrast to ships, vessels, or any huge watercraft, BOATS are also a kind of watercraft that vary in sizes. They’re typically designed to travel, float, or work on water.


Speaking more about the comparison of boats and ships, they literally differ in many aspects and features. The most common thing to remember is that a boat and a ship do differ in size. To best illustrate this area, it is said that a vessel or ship can carry a boat. But, a boat can never carry a ship.

Another major dissimilarity between these two watercraft is substantially their areas of operation. Ships normally regulate in high seas and oceanic areas but boats are workable in smaller water fields. In addition, the crew and cargo capacity are two elements that can separate the features of a boat and a ship.

Evidently, professional and trained navigators run or operate ships and such can carry a great number of people. On the other hand, boats are simply managed by a limited crew and can only load a few passengers. Besides all those significant details, vessels and boats can also be distinct in their navigational systems, propulsion, construction, and design.



There are many types of boats. In fact, there are more than a hundred various forms of boats, some of which are used until now for different and peculiar purposes.

Here are some of the most prevailing types of boats that are used today. People use these boats for common day-to-day activities, some for businesses purposes and some for leisure.

Banana Boats are merely for leisure or recreational activities. Essentially, this type of boat is for family and friends entertainment. It is an inflatable, banana-shaped boat that can easily run on water. Banana boats don’t have an inbuilt motor system and can carry about 3 to 10 people.



Barge Boats are boats, which have a flat form at the bottom. They are laid out, mainly for transporting goods in rivers and canals. In essence, there are more than 30 types of barge boats. Nowadays, barges are usually employed for lesser value bulk items because the cost of towing goods by barge is quite very low. Moreover, barges are also utilized for bulky or very heavy items.



A Cabin Cruiser is a power boat type, which administers accommodation for crews and passengers inside the watercraft. Normally, Cabin Cruisers are some kind of a leisure-type of a boat as it offers many amenities. This boat is generally outfitted with a toilet, a galley, small dining area, air conditioning, heating, and power generating equipment.



Catamaran Boats or known as the multi-hulled boat, feature two equal size parallel hulls.


This geometry-stabilized boat obtains its strength or support from the craft’s wide beam. The Catamaran name of this type of boat is a Tamil word that is “Kattumaram.” This means logs tied together. Catamaran Boats do vary in sizes, essentially, from small sailing or rowing crafts to large car ferries and naval vessels.



A Drift Boat or also called McKenzie River Dory is a transformation of an open-water small, shallow-draft boat regulated in rivers. Essentially, Drift boats have unique attributes – flat bottom, wide, flared sides, flat bow, narrow, and has a pointed stern. This type of boat is primarily employed by recreational boaters in order to maneuver a very reactive boat.



Exploited for over hundred twenty years and unlike the majority of boats that are usually powered by diesel engines, Electric Boats are basically powered by electricity. This boat type has been around 1880 but is gradually phased out since the internal combustion engine took place dominantly. The first electric boat had an around-the-world travel, which includes passing through Panama Canal was the EcoSailing Project. It was run through the waters with only green technologies.



Fishing Boats


Or also known as a fishing vessel, a Fishing Boat is intrinsically one of the most prevailing types of boats still in use today. In essence, fishing boats are used for three distinctive intentions – for commercial, traditional, and recreational purposes. Currently, there are millions of fishing boats worldwide, mostly employed for commercial fishing.

A commercial fishing boat activity is fundamentally for catching fish and seafood in order to obtain or gain profit. Through commercial fishing, countries in the entire world are regularly provided with a large quantity of fish and seafood.

The traditional fishing boat (artisanal or subsistence fishing) is commonly utilized for a fishing activity that is of small-scale, low-capital, and low-technology. A traditional fishing is, for the most part, worked by an individual fishing household. This fishing practice is done typically for local consumption instead of processing fish just like the commercial fishing activity.

The recreational fishing boat is commonly used for sports fishing. Basically, people used this kind of boat for competition, or simply for fun and pleasure.



A Houseboat, which is actually different from a boathouse, is one-of-a-kind boat that is crafted to be used mainly as a dwelling place or simply, a home. Usually, houseboats are seen in many countries like Hongkong, India, Zimbabwe, Europe countries, America, New Zealand, and Australia. Houseboats normally provide a luxury kind of living as these boats usually have a holiday and recreational facilities onboard.



There are a lot of quite surprising things about Tugboats.


Normally, they are smaller in size compared to the other types of boats but they are powerful and strongly-built boats. The fact that they are capable to push or tow ships or vessels, is indeed impressive. Tugs are in essence designed to maneuver vessels that cannot move by themselves. In short, tugboats are like handy helpers at sea. Some of them serve as salvage boats or icebreakers. And, they have firefighting monitors, enable them to help in firefighting especially in harbors.



A rescue lifeboat or simply, a Lifeboat is a watercraft used virtually for rescuing. Particularly, to help a ship in distress or survivors, to recover crew and passengers from danger. Lifeboats can be powered by an engine, sail-powered or hand pulled. A rescue lifeboat is substantially created with functional attributes – for searching or finding for, rescuing and redeeming people’s lives in danger at sea or in waterways. Like other boats, lifeboats come in different forms too, it may inflatable, rigid, or a combination of rigid-inflatable hulled type vessel.



Some other types of boats that are still present nowadays and are widely used for industrial, survival, athletic, and relaxation purposes.


A Canoe Boat is generally a lightweight narrow watercraft. It is commonly used for loading and transporting people and goods all around the world. They’re also taken advantaged by people for touring and camping, whitewater canoeing, freestyle, pleasure racing, and general reaction.

A Dragon Boat is a kind of vessel that is basically run and powered by humans. In essence, Dragon Boats are of diverse designs and sizes and they are typically for competitions by teams of people.

A Garbage Scow is another type of boat but it is usually larger. It is utilized essentially for transporting garbage, trash, and waste across waterways. They are regularly in a form of a barge that is towed. Or, in another way, run by means of tugboats. However, many garbage scows are self-propelled.

Other boats are:

  • Express Cruiser
  • Ferry Boat
  • Hydrofoil
  • Ice Boat
  • Kayak
  • Luxury Yacht
  • Motorboat
  • Narrowboat
  • Optimist Boat
  • Patrol Boat
  • Pump Boat
  • Riverboat
  • Runabout
  • Sailboat
  • Ski Boat
  • Trawler
  • U-boat
  • Very Slender Vessel
  • Waka Boat