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O also known as cruise liners, “Cruise Ships” are actually huge passenger vessels that feature and offer pleasure voyages.


Cruise Ships are not only used for transportation or just simply transporting people and goods from one place to another. But. a cruise ship for most people is basically the most entertaining and delightful place to experience and make memories. In fact, it is not only the voyage itself but also the ship’s luxuries and comforts are usually a part of the travel and experience.



The Remarkable Origin of Cruise Ships

1822 marked the conception of relaxation and recreation cruising with the realization of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company. The industry began as a shipping line, having routes between the Iberian Peninsula and England. It adopted the name Peninsular Steam Navigation Company. It has achieved its first contract to administer mail in the year 1837. During 1840, it started mail delivery to Egypt, particularly Alexandria thru Malta and Gibraltar. That same year, the marine association was integrated by Royal Charter. Then, it became the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

In 1844, the passenger cruising services were firstly introduced by P&O. It was featuring sea travels to destinations like Malta, Gibraltar, and Athens, cruising from Southampton. Known to be the forerunner of modernized cruise holidays, these navigations were the first of their kind. And, P&O has then been acknowledged as the oldest cruise ship in the world. Later on, the company has been introducing round trips to locations such as Constantinople and Alexandria. It went through a moment of accelerated expansion in the concluding years of the 19th century. It was accrediting greater and more deluxe vessels to serve the unwaveringly increasing market.

Also, high-profile watercraft of the era were known to be the SS Ravenna, which was established in 1880. She became the first cruise ship that has a total steel superstructure. Furthermore, the SS Valetta constructed in 1889 was the first cruise line that features electric lights. Prinzessin Victoria Luise of Germany was actually the first ever ship designed completely for luxury cruising.

These interesting facts are definitely just a few of the many historical details about cruise ships.



More Alluring Facts About Cruise Ships

Cruise lines are precisely the operators or the ones handling the cruise ships. A cruise line is a line of business that regulates cruise ships and advertises travels or tours to the public. Having a dual character, cruise lines are both in the field of transportation and leisure entertainment business.

Cruise ships are crafted much like floating hotel accommodations. Essentially, with the entire hospitality staff aside from the usual crew members of the ship. As matter of fact, it is very typical for every cruise ship to have a bigger composition of crew and staff than the passengers. A cruise ship is not a cruise ship without a feast of food or dining. Thus, Dining is indeed a part of almost all cruise ships price.

Typically, most of the modern cruise ships can offer the following outstanding amenities:

  • Shopping centers
  • Casino
  • Spa and fitness center
  • Theatre or Broadway shows
  • Cinema
  • Library
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Swimming pool with slides
  • Hot tub
  • Gym
  • Lounges
  • Clubs
  • Sports (basketball and tennis courts)
  • Pool and ping-pong tables
  • Infirmary

Some cruise ships ice skating rinks, sky-diving simulator, bowling alleys, rock climbing walls, and video arcades. Also, miniature golf courses, surfing simulators, zip lines, and even obstacles courses.

No wonder, a cruise ship is certainly a wonderful, magical, and very comfortable place to indulge in.