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“Ship Collision” is just one of the most prevailing accidents that can happen at sea due to many factors. Basically, it is a result when a ship or vessel is crashed to another ship or to any floating object.


A type of marine disaster that’s the outcome of a ship crashing into any sailing object is called “Ship Collision.” Such accident can be a ship to ship, ship to a submarine, or ship to any floating object. It could also be a ship or vessel to still structure crashes. A ship collision can as well be specified as the change of a ship’s structural properties. Basically, this is a result of the ship’s impact or force with a solid form. As a matter of fact, ship collision is contemplated as a worst marine casualty among the many oceanic accidents. Simply because ship collision can lead to severe adverse effects on the life of both human and marine environment.

The degrees that point to such kind of marine mishap vary generally. However, there are a few forms of marine collisions, which occur typically.

  • The Side Collision happens when one ship is hit on its side by another watercraft. It is substantially the same principal as the T-bone kind of car accident.
  • The Stern Collision is a type of marine collision when a watercraft is running into another ship’s rear or stern.
  • The Bow-on Collision takes place when two ships collide each other from their front ends. Or, head on.
  • The Allision is a kind of ship collision that involves one ship crashing a stationary object. For example, seawall or bridge.

Any of these deep-sea incidents can instantaneously lead to danger to human involved like the passengers and crew members. Although the International Maritime Organization has strictly set rules governing waterway navigations in order to prevent collisions, such kind of oceanic accident still occurs more often.


What are the common causes of ship collisions?

Speaking about the factors that trigger ship collision, among the many, it is surprising to know that human error can hastily lead ship collisions in the ocean or at sea. Inaccuracies, carelessness, and even simple errors can cause such a huge disaster as a collision. In fact, human error is considered to be the most prevalent factor that triggers marine collisions.

Other than human error, the following are also known to be the frequent cause of such deep-sea catastrophe:

  • Equipment Failure – the failure of an engine simply leads to such ship accident. When maneuvering capacities are lost and other equipment vital to the ship operation encounter malfunctions, these could simply result in collisions.
  • The Weather – it cannot be denied that next to human error, the weather indeed has a great impact when it comes to maritime casualties. Examples of this incident can be high or very strong winds exerting a force on ships and ice flows slam into ships.
  • Infrastructure problems – this happens when a thing on land is not in the right position. Such can be a drawbridge prematurely dropping and that can definitely cause collisions. This is actually an unusual cause of maritime mishaps, but it does can happen.


The unfavorable effects of marine collision

The aftermath of ship collisions on human and marine life are incalculable. Any vessel involved in such type of marine accident can suffer from a heavy damage in its stability and structure. Aside from that, ship collision can, unfortunately, lead to the following results or effects:

  • Collision can definitely lead to destructive environmental effects. If the watercraft involved in a collision is a tanker or a chemical ship, there is a high chance of oil or chemical leaking into the ocean. This means a total threat and harm to marine life.
  • A huge financial loss to the shipowner, as well as the neighboring local communities
  • Marine collision can cause an extreme harm to human life especially at the point when the sinks in minutes, causing a lot of people to be hopeless in escaping on board.
  • The collision with an offshore structure can lead damage to infrastructure and therefore cause a huge blow to human endeavors.