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Pirates or Piracy – such related terms have greatly affected today’s society especially the maritime field. The good thing is, anti-piracy weapons and technology, as well as security measures in ships, are available to fight against the dominance of pirates at sea.


Piracy has always been an offense or crime against the society’s universal law. It is the practice of ambushing and ransacking ships and vessels at sea. On the other hand, pirates are seamen. They are identified as seamen robbers who attack, rob and cause destruction to any watercraft at high seas. Sometimes, pirates invade or assault even the harbors at the shore. Other than that, these plague on society is involved in many other outlawed or illicit activities. Such can be trading slaves and smuggling.

Without any legal rights, these pirates are doing such crimes for their personal interests. Such sea attacks and other unauthorized acts make them be treated as criminals in all the places around the world. During the periods when these sea assailants are influential, piracy has been punished by death in almost everywhere. According to experts who study pirates, piracy is already in their blood. These sea robbers are not only doing such lawlessness for money. But, they are feeding their spirit that hungers for danger, risk, adventures, and prominence.



In modern times, anti-piracy technology has evolved introducing anti-piracy weapons. Along with this, are also preventive or security measures, which can help ships in preventing pirates from invading watercraft of any kind. An exact illustration to this was when the Israeli based cargo vessel, MV Africa Star was assailed by nine pirates in April 2009. The vessel crew utilized coils of barbed wire to block the pirates from totally getting into the ship. This was the best example of countering piracy through taking advantage of non-lethal, anti-piracy measures. Essentially, they are techniques that all ships can apply to protect them at sea.



Examples stated are some of the most effective anti-piracy weapons, which can be used to avert pirates.

  • The Anti-piracy laser device utilizes a non-lethal laser beam, which gives a visual alarm to pirates and misleads their attention temporarily.
  • The Water cannon is also a non-lethal anti-piracy arm that is widely used on merchant ships. It delivers a strong and impassable water stream that allows blowing the pirates away as they approach the ship.
  • The Long-range acoustic device or LRAD is an anti-piracy device that utilizes pain urging sound beam to push away the pirates.
  • The Nets as boat traps is a ballistic net that can be utilized to block the boats of pirates when they approach the vessel or ship.
  • The Electric secure fence is also a non-lethal ship weapon that composed an electric fence, surrounding the ship. Thus, this helps to prevent pirates from climbing aboard.
  • The Anti-boarding device particularly razor wine canister utilizes buckets with sharp razor wires to hamper pirates from getting in the vessel.
  • The Slippery foam (mobile denial system) is taken advantaged to form the deck or sides of the vessel to be slippery.
  • The Foul smelling liquid (liquid detergent system) is an anti-piracy technology provided by the International Maritime Security Network of US. It encompasses showering impending pirates with sleek, bad smelling green liquid that both burn and stink.
  • The P Trap anti-piracy concept prevents the pirates from boarding the vessels by carrying thin lines that float in the water surrounding the sides of the ships.
  • The Compressed air (shipborne shore launcher) is a cannon shaped equipment that utilizes condensed air to fire or release a variety of projectiles.
  • The Non-lethal stun grenade creates a loud noise and blinding flash of light to befuddle pirates.
  • The Dazzle gun is a laser weapon that uses green light to bewilder and briefly blind the pirates.
  • The Anti-piracy fire hoses are high-pressure water hoses that are used to fight pirates that try to aboard the ship/
  • The Active denial system or known as pain ray, which transfers a cramped beam or electromagnetic energy to cause heat to the skin but not causing permanent damage.

These are just some of the many anti-piracy weapons that are already utilized by many ships and vessels nowadays. As a matter of fact, many weapons are still to be introduced and to be implemented in ships in the future.