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The crimes at sea or simply, piracy has long been a problem in the different societies around the world. Pirate attacks in ships have caused a major devastation and in some cases, loss of lives. Good thing, keeping the seas safe from pirate attacks is now viable nowadays.


There has never been a good thing about piracy, it brings dangers and destruction especially to the life at sea. In fact, as contemplated, equal with whoredom, piracy is one of the two primeval unethical and nefarious professions in the world. Luckily, preventive measures, techniques, and tools available nowadays for bypassing and surviving with pirate intrusions. There is a functional satellite system called ShipLoc. This anti-piracy technique allows shipping or marine companies to monitor or locate their ships. Precisely, this system is beneficial whenever a pirate hijack occurs.

More than that, shipping companies can establish non-lethal fences that are electrical. Basically, these non-lethal devices are placed around the vessel’s perimeter. And, for as long as the vessel does not carry with it a flammable cargo. As well, the International Maritime Organization or IMO regulations prescribes vessels to deliver distress signals, warning,s or alarms secretly whenever pirate invasion is about to happen.



Generally speaking, prevention is indeed better than cure. Averting the attacks of pirates is far more ideal than fighting with the occurring intervention of pirates in ships.

Here are a few precautionary procedures, which should be done by the crews in order to hamper pirate attacks:

  • While in port, it is better to refrain from discussing the ship’s route and cargo.
  • Be constantly watchful especially when you are in the piracy-prone areas.
  • Avoiding bottlenecks in shipping lanes.
  • Before leaving the port, it is better to do search operation on the ship to ensure that no unauthorized persons onboard.

As always been the best protection system against pirate attack, “evasion” is an easier technique to keeping pirates from getting on the ship. Rather than, dragging them to leave the ship. Here are more approaches that crew can do whenever a piracy is already detected:

  • Immediately call for help and give warnings to the other vessels in the area.
  • Take tricky or misleading actions and try to overtake the Pirates.
  • Use the vessel lights to illuminate the ship and sound the alarm.
  • Execute any actions to cause the pirates to be aware that they have missed the factor of surprise.



In the case when the pirates are accessing the ship, firstly, the crews should try to release any grabbing hooks or poles before the sea criminals can climb aboard the ship.

The crews can also take advantage of the fire hoses to hinder pirates. Or, trying to push them down can also be executed. Nevertheless, experts discourage crews to carry firearms. The reason for this is that the presence of weapons or firearms can urge pirates to react with violence. In the event when the pirates are already on board, the first priority of the crew is to secure their own safety. Staying in control and not panicking is basically encouraged while in the current struggling situation.

Further recommendations and ideal preventive methods for surviving a pirate invasion can be searched through the International Maritime Organization website.