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As recorded, there are at least thirteen longest ships in the world. Most are still in service and some are retired and broken up.


The “Longest Ships” in the world are recorded and recognized based on their LOA, overall length. In which, it is the vessels utmost length measured between the maximum points from end to end. Aside from that, the determinants are the ship’s DWT or deadweight tonnage and GT or gross tonnage. These factors are often applied to interpret the size of the ship, vessel or any watercraft.

Presented are the prevailing record-holders as the “worlds longest ships”

Seawise Giant 

The famous and mighty Seawise Giant is an oil tanker and was recognized to be the largest ship ever built in history. By overall, it has a length of 1,504.1 ft or 458.46 m, having a deadweight tonnage of 564,650 and gross tonnage of 260,851. It has been in service for thirty years 1979 and was broken up in 2009. Seawise Giant came through a lot of names, modifications, and owners. From its original name, it was known to be Happy Giant, then Jahre Viking, Knock Nevis, Oppama, and lastly, Mont.



Batillus Class

The Batillus Class is also known to be one of the longest ships in the world. It is a group of four supertanker ships. Such four tanker vessels were established in France between the years 1976 to 1979. Like the Seawise Giant, the Batillus Class were in years of service for many years until being scrapped in the year 2003. The Batillus Class had a length of 414.22 m or 1,359.0 ft, the deadweight tonnage of 553,661-555,051 and gross tonnage of 274,837-275,276.

Esso Atlantic Class

The Esso Atlantic Class has two ships – Esso Atlantic and Esso Pacific. Both vessels were also considered as the longest ships in the globe for having surpassed a half million deadweight tonnage in the maritime history. The Esso Atlantic had a length of 1,333.9 ft or 406.57m. The two giant ships were in service since 1977 and were broken up in the year 2002.



Besides the previous broken up or scrapped shapes, the USS Enterprise and Iowa Class having four ships are also noted to be the world’s largest ships in history, which were in the status of being “retired ships.” The USS Enterprise is an aircraft carrier having a length of 342 m or 1,122 ft. It has been in years of service since 1961-2012. The Iowa Class, on the other hand, is another retired battleship having 890 ft or 270m, years in service from 1943-1992. The Iowa class was recognized as the world’s longest battleship ever constructed.


The following record of ships are enormous ships and acknowledged to be the longest ships in the world today. These ships are still in service at present.


Barzan Ships Container ship 1,312 ft or 400 m Deadweight tonnage of 199,744 Gross tonnage of 195,636 Built-in 2015 and currently in service
TI Class having 4 ships Oil tanker 1,247 ft or 380 m Deadweight tonnage of 441,893 Gross tonnage of 234,006 Constructed in 2002 and currently rendering service
Pioneering Spirit (the largest twin-hulled ship ever built Crane vessel 1,253 ft or 382 m Deadweight tonnage of  499,125 Gross tonnage of 403,342 Currently in service since 2015
Oasis Class of 5 ships Cruise ship 1,181 to 1,188 ft Deadweight tonnage of  15,000 Gross tonnage of 225,282 to 226,963 Currently operating and in service since 2009
Valemax with 67 ships Bulk carrier 1,181 to 1,188 ft Deadweight tonnage of 400,000 Gross tonnage of 200,000 In service since 2011
Q-Max with 14 ships LNG carrier 1,132 ft or 345 m Deadweight tonnage of 128,900 Gross tonnage of 163,922 In service since 2008
Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner 1,132 ft or 345 m Deadweight tonnage of 19,189 Gross tonnage of 148,527 Currently in service since 2003
Paul R. Tregurtha Lake freighter 1,014 ft or 309m     In service since 1981 to present