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Unsurprisingly, the BLACK SEA holds a lot of historical secrets and extraordinariness. In essence, it is a sea full of mystical details and ancient tales.


Situated between Asia and Europe, the BLACK SEA spreads the coasts of few countries. Specifically, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, and Georgia. The strange sea has been a spot where Asian and European elements and features meet. And, smuggles under its dark waters manifold of mysteries, which have been preserved for centuries.



The Black Sea as the “cursed sea”

This Black Sea legend may be the darkest or creepiest story as rumors said, “death” lays beneath its black waters. Shipwrecks and tons of dead human bodies are present at its bottom. What’s bizarre about this is that, after the investigations of such carcasses, it was discovered that such dead bodies belonged to individuals that lived after many generations. Yet, their remains are still present and being in the condition of preservation, which implies recent death. However, considering such mysterious detail, science indeed has to say. The water’s anoxic nature simply causes the process of decomposition gradual.



The inexplicable shipwrecks

It is a no surprise that the Black Sea is a sea of numerous old shipwrecks. That, together with bony inhabitants. Vessels of many kinds are said to be perfectly conserved and are as a result, a quite splendid glimpse of antique wood ships laying still in the silence of the bottom of Black Sea. Based on the examinations, these drowned ships were from the time between 3 and 5 B.C. This was the course of time where the ancient Greece major greatness dominated. This revelation and the notably manifold shipwrecks lead people to believe that the Black Sea was, in fact, the significant crossroad of the age-old world for both maritime and commerce business.



What was about the Noah’s Ark?

A research and analysis of the Bible and ancient religious passages have conveyed people to think that the Mt. Ararat, which stands along the Black Sea coast, could have been the spot where the Noah’s Ark has landed. That, of course, after the end of the world flood. Veritably, the tale invokes to a region quite broader, but some concluded that the fossilized remnants found at that point jibe with those of the legendary Noah’s Ark.



The mystery of the “underwater river”

The Black Sea indeed has a lot of startling things to tell especially when it comes to the sea bottom. Remarkably, one the world’s largest underwater rivers were, in fact, unveiled underneath the Black Sea. Such body of water is active, which flows and carry debris and wastes through the sea floor. Such underground activity denotes that, even at the water pressure level, the river could help sustain life in the deep layers.



The diverse islands of the Black Sea

Being the home of twenty-eight peculiar islands and islets sets literally make the Black Sea a phenomenal wonder. Each island is uncommon to each other because they belong the discretion of different countries. These countries are Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. Other than being known as truly beautiful small paradises lying in the middle of the Black Sea, they are known as the incredible home of fauna and flora, which, in fact, can be difficult to find anywhere else.



The Black Sea Triangle

Akin to the tales regarding Bermuda Triangle, some stories or saga have cropped up about the Black Sea. That, after the mystifying disappearance of the Greek and Soviet planes in the location. Search operation efforts could neither administer to discover the scraps of these planes nor the nemesis of the people onboard.  These disappearing planes have awakened many various speculations. Basically, from those who identified the place with scary names such as “The Triangle of Death” to those who tell about the magnetic deviations that may trigger electrical malfunctions in the aircraft.



The Lost City of Atlantis

A theory that is beginning to obtain belief tells that the old lost continent of Atlantis could have been found in the Black Sea. And, it would have been subsided more than seven thousand years ago due to a great flood. Experts and scientists have together collected facts/evidence of this enormous flood, and some concluded that the detail of the Black Sea area and some nearby coastal towns like Sinop match the details of the one provided by Plato concerning Atlantis. Furthermore, the underwater archaeologist Robert Ballad, popular for the discovery of the Titanic’s wreck, have found under the waters of Black Sea the stone remains of human farms and houses.