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Vessel optimization essentially involves monitoring the ship’s long-term performance and affairs. To upgrade each fleet’s operations, plan of actions encompassing certain tools and software are carried out. Netwave Seawise is a recently featured scheme that highlights vessel optimization solution.


Monitoring performance, work, or conduct of every ship’s navigation is one of the elements that comprised the term vessel optimization. Such equips shipowners, fleet managers, and operators the potentiality to produce data-driven resolutions to optimize transactions and activities in specific ships and during the whole entire fleets.

Along with this, the Netwave Seawise system is ready to administer to aid peripheral evaluations and other marine solutions towards attaining full favorable outcome of the entire fleet. What’s more uncommon about Netwave Seawise is its one-of-a-kind data transmission in the cloud.

In substance, this data transfer through the cloud had been assessed as an energy-saving scheme, therefore, develops fuel efficiency. Practically, this implies the fact that Netwave Seawise supports and promotes vessel optimization. Virtually, the system is designed to assist every navigation to be more cost-efficient, hence, allowing every fleet to gain higher productivity.

In addition to fuel efficiency, the Netwave Seawise system genuinely also includes an array of applications that associate vessel optimization:

  • Functionalities of ship machinery and engine
  • Reporting for misconduct through real-time monitoring
  • Long-term data preservation
  • User-definable interface for reporting and analysis
  • Broadcasting MRV (Monitoring Report Evaluation)
  • Docking development
  • Remote monitoring and alarming
  • Resolutions concerning predictive maintenance



In essence, whatever the scheme or system use, vessel optimization and performance of fleets invariably cover realistic and constructive solutions.


Optimizing ship in particular operating conditions. Navigational analysis and conduct review pinpoint the most optimum operational situation for the ship. Basically, in relation to the engine load, draught, trim and operating speed.

Identifying exemplary fleet configuration and usage. By taking advantage on the performance analysis, certainly, resources can be used to ultimate way concerning the fleet configuration on different routes. This definitely helps indicate if the ships are maneuvered efficiently on specific routes. As well, the owner of the ship is provided an outline of the usage of the entire fleet related to energy efficiency.

Ideal practices for admonishing ships. Fleet managers, operators, and crew review performance data to gain a full understanding of the whole operation. As a result, they are able to come up decision-making schemes and plan of actions in order to achieve most energy efficient voyage and optimum level of operational performance.