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NW-4000 Ultra Compact VDR Review – Netwave has been providing excellent marine IT products and services in the maritime industry. Since then, shipping industries have been acknowledging Netwave for its superior voyage data recorders due to their designs and functionalities.


Netwave Systems highlights its simplified-VDR, the NW-4000 Ultra Compact due to its practical installation cost and is easy to use. The NW-4000 Ultra Compact VDR system exceptionally administers ship owners phenomenal advantages. Essentially, a mandatory S-VDR Scheme along with management tools and data for enhancing transparency in the vessel’s affairs, in general.

To lessen cable laying, the NW-4000 Ultra Compact is virtually engineered to be settled inside the consoles. The quick and economical installation advantage is conjoined with the Netwave System’s cabling mechanism. Which is, both the power and data are spread completely on a single Ethernet cable. As a result, the large-scale and pricey cabling necessity is eliminated.

Furthermore, the flexible standard layout and easy installation attributes permit the NW-4000 series to conveniently take over the older Simplified VDR designs. Simply because the older versions were non-functional, high service cost, and certainly end-of-life.



The NW-4000 Ultra Compact VDR Remarkable Features


Fast Track Installation this is a mad-easy installation due to the very one single wire WaveConnect cabling. Basically, between the primary devices utilizing ‘no-solder’ Quickcon hermetically sealed connectors. These grant connections within ten seconds, without required tooling and attain long-lasting protection. Moreover, the Daisy-chainable interconnection systems as well minimize the cost of installing. With this WaveNet Single Wire connection for both data and power, the extensive cabling needs are significantly lessened with more than 50%, permitting system establishment to work faster and efficiently than any other Simplified voyage data recorders.

Auto-Configuring – the moment such system is established, the start button on the Bridge Control Unit can be initiated. After which, the system itself will auto-configure, be distinguishing which scheme is on the channel. In addition, auto-configuring reduces the necessary time to settle the system. As well as the number of inaccuracies initiated through manual installation.

Netwave Hardened Storage Server – the Netwave is making its exclusive Hardened Storage Server. Substantially, to ensure the realization of Netwave concept on its own-made units – incorporated storage server and system drive.

Flexible Modular Design – Netwave creates no distinction between its S-VDR and VDR units. However, only for the required numbers of WaveNet Interface Modules to be interlinked. Featuring its  Daisy-chainable interconnection and single wire scheme, the number of Interface Modules can be increased. Basically, through tallying them to the network system.

Friendly Service – the power over ethernet layout enables to modify total interfaces or adaptors for fifteen minutes. This is done only through unplugging the channel. Also, by taking out the adaptor or in other cases, trying to plug the channel again. Consequently, this decreases the service expenditures over the years.


The NW-4000 Ultra Compact VDR covers the following units:

  • NW-4010 BCU Bridge Control & Alarm Unit
  • NW-4200 PSU Power Supply & Switch Unit
  • NW-4400 WIM WaveNet Interface Module
  • NW-4800 HSS Hardened Storage Server with Protected Memory Capsule
  • DCU Digital Connection Unit