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A global leader in creating VDRs, Netwave is also acknowledged in the maritime market for its excellent worldwide service network. 


The Netwave Systems B.V. is at the leading edge of automated ship monitoring and integrated services for safety. It is a prominent marine IT and electronics development and manufacturing company because of its notable highly-featured voyage data recording system. At the same time, catering an exceptional 24/7 maritime services to its numbers of shipping line clients.

Since 2006, Netwave has become the forefront of producing and providing VDRs in the global maritime market. In the year 2011, it acquired Rutter’s voyage data recorder business, making Netwave the most established VDR company worldwide.

Enforced by the International Maritime Organization subject to the SOLAS Convention, all merchant ships must install a VDR system. Along with this, Netwave introduces its latest VDR model, the NW-6000. This has been recognized by the industry as the most upgraded device for having the state-of-the-art attributes.


The NW-6000 VDR Series

The NW-6000 voyage data recorder series is just one of the premium VDRs established by Netwave since it began creating marine recorders.

As the latest VDR series, the NW-6000 incorporates ultramodern data playback suite and sophisticated generation of hardware. It does not only meet the prescribed standards set by the International Maritime Organization. But, as well administer ship owners and operators cutting-edge characteristics for ship performance optimization and remote monitoring. Essentially, through the Netwave’s recently introduced Seawise virtual big data platform tool.

The NW-6000 has the least footprint, the most cost-effective installation due to the added range of capabilities that simply provide unrivaled performance value. Such system administers management devices and – information to enhance transparency in the vessel’s overall operational activity or affairs.


The Netwave Worldwide Service Network 

Recently associated with Orolia MacMurdo, Netwave continuously initiates to develop and assimilate these following marine services:

  • Incorporate onboard safety tools/equipment
  • Simplify marine equipment installations
  • Lower via life support costs
  • Free lowest cost easy fix materials for replacing outdated VDR and S-VDR
  • Annual Performance Test

The Netwave Systems also supplies new and unconventional marine tools for global ship operations. In which, that can be tailored or fitted for diverse vessel types, both in new building and retrofit.

Netwave is known for its comprehensive worldwide service network comprising certified service agents. These people support Netwave’s customers and clients globally, all through major shipping ports and routes. They are trained to cater a high level of expertise and service.

Fused with McMurdo brand and global sales capacity, along with its global dominating marine safety product series, both combined companies have become the premier worldwide provider of smart, durable, and excellent safety programs for the marine marketspace.

The acquisition has strengthened Netwave for constantly offering premium VDRs today as well as providing noteworthy worldwide marine service network.