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Designed for the maritime environment

With over 6000 vessels currently sailing with Netwave’s Voyage Data Recorder solutions, our company is one of the most qualified VDR designers and manufacturers in the maritime industry. NetWave’s VDR systems are specifically designed to overcome the issues arising in the Maritime environment.

Netwave S-VDR’s unique characteristics

The Netwave S-VDR series are an entirely new generation of Ultra Compact S-VDRs, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease of use.

On today’s market, this system provides the smallest footprint, the lowest installation cost and offers the ship-owner the option to not merely consider the S-VDR system as a mandatory necessity, but provides management -tools and -data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

Fixed capsule for VDR & S-VDR

As one of the leading manufacturers of Hardened Storage Servers, Netwave has developed and is manufacturing its own HSS. The capsule is unique in the marketplace today; with the integration of the complete Central Processing Unit and Data Storage Server into the armoured stainless steel (A316) capsule, connected to other system components via one single cable only!

Compliant to IMO resolution A.861(78) for VDR and S-VDR systems, IEC61996, IEC60945 and ED56/112:

  • Fire resistant to 1100 °C during 1 hour and 260 °C during 10 hours.
  • Data memory pressure cylinder resistant to 20.000 PSI/600 Bar/6000 meters depth during extended periods.
  • Color: RAL 3026 (fluor red) for SOLAS compliant ships. Other RAL colors available i.e. for mega yachts.
  • Stainless steel A316 deck mount with optional welding plate delivered within a standard package.
  • IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect toolless connector, single wire connection to PSU (Power Supply & network Switch Unit).
  • Memory 8 Gb: 4 Gb (protected) + 4Gb unprotected for incident recording. Minimum of 12 +12 hours
    recording time. Additional memory (optional): 32/64/128 Gb for longer recording times or an extended number of recording channels.
  • 8 Gb protected memory Capsule optional.
  • Totally Solid State, no disk drives or other moving parts.
  • Weight: 27,5 kg. (48 lb.).
  • Size: diameter 220 mm, height 350 mm.
  • Netwave is manufacturing its own capsule for other OEM brands as well.
voyage data recorder

Bridge Control Unit

The ultimate solution to user-friendly, easy to understand operation. This unit provides direct function access as well as remote system diagnostics, enabling any crewmember to find his way around without the need for special training.

  • Mounted within the bridge console, it continuously shows crystal clear unambiguous messages about what’s going on within the S-VDR.
  • Clear dimmable dot- matrix display 4 lines x 20 characters for easy to understand messages.
  • Reports any faults with part– or unit identification to replace, in order to eliminate the ship’s detainment as a result of malfunctioning of any S-VDR component. Monitors system integrity, power analysis, signal quality, etc., even remote.
  • Front data-access (RJ-45) to the S-VDR network system for instant data download and replay functionality in the event of incidents.
  • Serves as the user terminal for configuration of automatic messages and day reports being sent via Satcom systems.
  • The BCU has further 2 high-speed NMEA channels for i.e. AIS, enabling fast interconnection at the Bridge Console.

Power Supply and Switch Unit

This efficient, uninterruptible power supply and network switch is designed with installation time-and-space in mind and offers an unprecedented small footprint, scalability up to the largest vessel, and the very best on ease-of interconnection possible.

NW-4200 PSU has 8 ports, plenty for any size of vessel, and provides power & data switching capabilities to the HSS (Hardened Storage Server), the BCU (Bridge Control Unit) as well as the WIMs (WaveNet™ Interface Modules which contain the WaveNet Adaptor Modules, acquiring the various data-signals from external equipment like GPS, Radar, AIS, etc.).

  • IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect™ toolless interconnection.
  • RJ-45 for network connection to a notebook or permanently to a network hub, i.e. satcom systems.
  • Incorporates batteries for uninterrupted operation in the event of loss of any of the primary power supplies (85-264V AC and/or 24 VDC) according to IEC-61996 requirements.
  • Provides – as a secondary location – remote alarm and alarm contacts.
  • The ultimate in service friendliness, replace any internal component in less then 10 minutes, or the whole unit in less then 5, including demounting, mounting and connecting.

WaveNet Interface Module

The WaveNet Interface Modules are daisy chained interface modules, linked by a single cable over which data & power are transported. With this improved design, you can save up to 75% on the cabling of your system!


  • WaveNet Interface Modules have 5 adaptor slots, containing:
    – Video (1)
    – Bridge Microphones (6)
    – VHF audio (1)
    – NMEA IEC61662 (8)
  • IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect™ toolless interconnection. The WaveNet Interface Modules are designed for installation anywhere. With a box only 40x25x10 cm, you can install the Module very close to Interfaces requiring a lot of wire, eliminating the length of all these cables. Only the single wire is connecting the module with the PSU.
  • Each WaveNet Interface Module is auto-sensing & configuring.
  • The ultimate in service friendliness, replace any internal component in less then 10 minutes, or the whole unit in less then 5, including demounting, mounting and hooking up.
  • Multiple WIMs possible to add channels in the configuration

VAT (BTW) number: NL8139.79.882.B01 - EORI number: NL8139.79.882 - Chamber of Commerce registration (KvK): - IBAN: NL67 DEUT 0446 8735 27

VAT (BTW) number: NL8139.79.882.B01
EORI number: NL8139.79.882
Chamber of Commerce registration (KvK):
IBAN: NL67 DEUT 0446 8735 27

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2718 SJ Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)881181500
+31 621502167 (24/7 service)