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The Panama Canal is a very useful passageway today. Even those early days it was established, the Panama Canal has been a creating a remarkable contribution to the shippers. 


In essence, the Panama Canal was engineered to minimize the distance that ships or vessels had to navigate in order to pass between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The canal actually allows merchants or transporters of commercial products, varying from vehicles to goods. As a result, shippers could save both time and money in carrying or transporting cargoes speedily.

The idea of erecting a water passage beyond the strait of Panama to connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans dates back on the 1500s. That was when King of Spain has tapped the regional governor to inspect a route along the Chagres River. However, the pursuance of such route was deemed impractical at that time. Despite that, the concept the passageway remained persuading as a potential alternate route from Europe to the Easter Asia.

Aside from emphasizing the commercial importance of the Panama Canal, it also has a military relevance. Before the American-Spanish war in 1898, Theodore Roosevelt has been showing interest in establishing a canal. And that is a passageway of watercraft between the oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic. He was becoming more implicated in the Panama Canal after the US has won the war. Also at that time, it has obtained the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Theodore Roosevelt has been wanting a lesser route for naval vessels that need to pass between the two oceans (mentioned earlier). The failed agreement with Columbia that happened to own Panama has brought to the US releasing funds and naval barricade. Basically, in support of the Panama revolution. The newly-independent Panama has sold rights to the canal for $10 million to the US in 1903. It was then the US military has a great presence until 1999 in the Panama Canal.



More Thought-Provoking Facts About The Most-Heard Panama Canal


How do ships get through the Panama Canal?  Panama Canal utilizes or operates a system of locks that work as water lifts. It raises ships or vessels from the sea level to the Gatun Lake level. In which, it is twenty-six meters above the sea level. Then, the ships sail or navigate the channel through the Continental Divide.

Can a cruise ship pass through the canal? The fact that not all vessels can make way in the canal locks, there is only one cruise ship that’s scheduled to get through it.

How many vessels have been passing through the Panama Canal? Approximately, 14,000 ships have gone through the canal. As a matter of fact, that counts per year and over half had been beaming in excess of a hundred feet. And, can almost squeeze through the old locks that can hold vessels up to a hundred and six feet wide.

How many hours does it take for a watercraft to go through the canal? Most ships that passed through the Panama Canal took 8 to 10 hours. Precisely, the length of the canal is fifty miles or 80 kilometers from the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific’s deep waters.

Does it cost to go through Panama Canal? Absolutely! but that depends on the weight and size of every ship. When it is a large commercial vessel, it has to pay up to $150,000, a private yacht cost $2,000 in order to get through the canal. But despite the cost, still, it is less than voyaging around South America. Some swimmers who wanted to pass through it are charged thirty-six cents by the Panama Canal authorities.



The Panama Canal isn’t just a usual passageway of thousands of ships for certain purposes and other reason.

But, it is also an income generating structure. The Panama Canal has been gaining about 2 billion dollars of revenue in a year. And every year, a portion of eight hundred million dollars goes into the General Treasury of Panama.

The fulfillment of the Panama Canal has actually sacrificed thousands of people. More than 25,000 have lost lives upon engineering the canal and mostly because of disease. Roughly 20,000 people died when the French have undertaken the building of the canal. And, more than five thousand individuals died after the Panama Canal was completed by the Americans.

On August 15, 2014, the Panama Canal celebrated 100 years of operation. After all decades, not to deny, the Panama Canal remained one of the most marveled in the world. Not only did it serve the commercial and military field but as well serve to fascinate visitors around the globe.