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The menace of pirates has flourished widely in the recent times. In fact, piracy prone places are not restricted to few high seas but in almost every area around the globe.


Nowadays, piracy has become very active in the seas between the Red Sea specifically, Aden Gulf and the Indian Ocean. That is off the Somali Coast and in the Malacca Strait. Also, the invasion of pirates crops up anywhere from the Philippines to Peru. However, the worst notoriety occurs in the waters around Somalia and the south. Just like the Carribean in the old times, Somalia waters these days become the most tediously pirated area in the world.



The following are considered to be world’s most dangerously piracy-prone locations, where crime at sea often take place.


The high seas of Indonesia particularly its seventeen thousand and five hundred islands and basically, their surrounding seas have now take the label as most pirate-infested waters. For the record, Indonesia has forty-three pirate attacks.  Some of the locations that are angled by piracy are the Natuna, Anambas and the Merundung Islands. Reports have said that pirates have attacked ships during the night instead of daylight in the Merundung Islands. The Indonesian authorities’ retaliatory response to the captured seamen criminals is observed to be very laid-back establishing major burdens around the globe.


With recorded thirty-one pirate invasions, Somalia is apparently on the top list of the most piracy-prone places in the world. The main factor for such marine piracy existing at mammoth dimensions in Somalia. This is because of the undeniably utmost poverty in the country, caused by government futility, civil war, and enormous marine wastes dump in seawaters. Due to pirate attacks in this region, other concerns arise as elevated premium rates for insurance policies. Moreover, the occurring pirate intervention in Somalia is a factor of an international issue. The people regarded piracy as the only alternative for them to eradicate poverty and other conflicts infesting them.


One of the Western parts of Africa, the Nigeria is known to be a colony of buccaneering activities. Piracy threat is so high in Nigeria, no wonder it has a recorded twenty-two pirate attacks. It is being ranked as one of the most unsafe areas for marine cargo transportation. The inadequate security covered by the naval authorities of Nigeria basically leads to the rampant pirates’ incursions in this area. Furthermore, the very high insurance coverage of goods to be transported through the entire seas of West Africa is due to the sweeping piracy threat. One of the major elements of comparison between the marine piracy incidents in the Western part of Africa and Somalia is, the pirates in West-Africa regulates at a much lower level when distinguished to Somali counterparts.



The Gulf of Aden

Having been recorded with 10 piracy assaults, the Gulf of Aden another piracy-prone sea location. It has an entrance to the Red Sea, creating a significant trading route that leads to Suez Canal. As well, being geographically positioned with the anarchic Somalia. The Somali pirates’ shipwreck catastrophe on this voyage route has triggered many problems for authorities and shipping industries around the world.


With having seven pirate invasions, the waters in this country is another plunging target of attack of the sea criminals. The best example of this piracy incident was the pirate attack to the Maersk Visual. The crew member caused an alarm and immediately called the Visakhapatnam Anchorage port. This anti-piracy measure has eventually dragged to pirates away.

The Straits of Malacca

Formed part of the Indian Ocean, Malacca Straits have been a very popular location greatly affected by marine pirates. The area has been observed to be very susceptible to the high activity of invasion by the marine pirates. The reason for this is that the strait creates a commercial gateway to the Suez Canal, Europe, and Egypt. As a result, the Malacca Strait become one of the most relevant Indo-Sino marine voyage routes. Nonetheless, the Malaysian, Indonesian, and Singaporean have colluded efforts to eliminate the piracy occurrence in this particular area.

The South China Sea

Like the other marine piracy-infested areas, The South China Sea happens to be one and considered to have the most perilous pirates plying outrageous activities. The South China Sea pirate attack takes place in the Malaysian seawaters. This basically leads to the authorities’ major concern in this country.



Among the piracy-prone places having many attacks are the Red Sea and Bangladesh (7 pirate invasions), Ivory Coast (6 pirate attacks), Peru and Singaporean Straits (4 piracy interventions). Benin, the Gulf of Guinea and the Arabian Sea are also some of the most prone areas of pirate intrusion.