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Conducting a routine machinery or equipment maintenance in the maritime industry is undeniably better than not performing maintenance at all. Typically, this activity in every ship is called Preventative Maintenance


Evidently, ship equipment, devices or engines are often vulnerable defects, failures, damage, and after which, repairs and maintenance. This is primarily the factor why “Preventative Maintenance” is crucial in keeping any mechanical facilities to be properly functioning.

Undeniably, precautionary actions can promote extended life and favorable results of the machinery regardless of their size and purpose. Furthermore, preventative maintenance helps all equipment on-board to be in good and smooth running condition. Also, being up to date and even reduces the severity of deficiency.



The Netwave System BV is one of the most prominent creators of Voyage Data Recorders or VDRs installed in ships. However, Netwave is not only known for its products but as well for its smart and sophisticated software or programs. One of the scopes of the Netwave programs is to encourage practical yet very advanced measures in promoting efficiency in ships operation – The Netwave Seawise Technology.


In addition, initiating preventative maintenance in vessels greatly leads to a range of advantages. Essentially, it aids in engine management optimization, reduction of running costs and manpower demands. By overall, it is the key to a productive operation of the vessel, especially relating to its machinery and engines.

Furthermore, Preventative Maintenance relating to routine certainly involves a lot of elements like lubricating, level checking and greasing. Checking operators include item location, buttons or switches, valves or flaps, lamps, etc. And, the measurements that comprise volts or current or frequency, clearances, gauges, etc.

Further inspection encompasses checking for leakages, parameters particularly rpm, pressure and temperature, abnormal vibration/noise, and crankcase doors. As well as, exhaust pipes, fuel rack, linkages free and unobstructed.


To illustrate, there are actually different kinds of preventative measures that almost all ships are using nowadays. However, irrespective of the types of maintenance, the goal or objective of all vessels are just the same.


  • In Preventive Maintenance, regular cleaning, lubrication, reassembly, and inspections are involved. These are conducted per equipment’s maintenance timetable and provisional analysis. This assists in retaining the machine’s smooth running condition and to counter any further degradation to the equipment.    


  • The Planned or Periodic Maintenance System is a time-based checking scheme. It is typically carried out on board vessels, which involves recurrent inspection, restoring, and replacing parts of a certain equipment. However, this type of maintenance measure is a lot expensive and integrates more manpower.


  • The Breakdown Maintenance is ideal whenever a shipboard mechanical equipment declines. Customarily, a breakdown maintenance is ward off during at sea due to the limited accessibility of resources. Or, unless the machine is critical and being utilized.