Netwave Systems manufactures highly advanced new generation Voyage Data Recorders. With the introduction of the latest model, the NW6000, Netwave Systems moves away from the confines & limitations of VDR’s in a traditional sense. Rather than just complying with regulations, the NW6000 in combination with additional options as outlined on the left enable the ship operator to actively analyze & make use of the VDR data.

Besides the NW6000, both the NW4000 Series under our proprietary brand and the Netwave 100G3/G3S Series make up for the most cost-efficient and reliable VDR solutions in the market and are serviced through a worldwide network of certified and trained engineers. NetWave Systems is the world’s leading supplier of VDR and S-VDR.

NetWave’s technological innovation power further led to the introduction of the world’s first marine IT client-server solution named MarLiant, NetWave’s second core product. MarLiant answers to the need for ship owners to stabilise (and lower the cost of ownership of) their shipboard IT environment by providing a fully secured system protected against viruses and easily remotely controlled, maintained and updated. Substantial cost savings are achieved by making use of standardised exchangeable parts and expertise available through NetWave’s trained service agents in practically all major ports around the globe.