NetWave Systems manufactures highly advanced new generation Voyage Data Recorders. Both the NW4000 Series under our proprietary brand and the Rutter™ 100G3/G3S Series make up for the most cost-efficient and reliable VDR solutions in the market and are serviced through a worldwide network of certified and trained engineers. NetWave Systems, after the acquisition of the Rutter™ VDR products, is the world’s leading supplier of VDR and S-VDR.productsscheme

NetWave’s technological innovation power further led to the introduction of the world’s first marine IT client-server solution named MarLiant, NetWave’s second core product. MarLiant answers to the need for ship owners to stabilise (and lower the cost of ownership of) their shipboard IT environment by providing a fully secured system protected against viruses and easily remotely controlled, maintained and updated. Substantial cost savings are achieved by making use of standardised exchangeable parts and expertise available through NetWave’s trained service agents in practically all major ports around the globe.

For more information, technical details and components of the Netwave (S)VDR’s, Rutter (S)VDR’s and MarLiant please refer to the detailed information tabs shown below.

Compliant with MSC 333(90)

The Netwave VDR has a versatile design. It can be installed in a 19” rack or can be supplied in a bulkhead mounted casing. It can either be placed inside the navigation console or against any flat surface. Because of its Power-Over-Ethernet design, cable running is reduced to the minimum.

The benefit is faster (and therefore more economical) installation and ease of service. Because of the special design, the Netwave VDR can easily be adapted for any type of newbuilding installations as part of IBS, or being used to replace older VDR solutions.

Contrary to most other systems on the market, NetWave’s NW-6000 VDR system architecture is unique in the fact that the various components throughout the ship are interconnected by means of one single Ethernet cable, Both Power and Data are provided over this very same single cable, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling requirements. Compared to other VDR systems, cabling costs are typically reduced by 50%!

The NetWave VDR and (S)VDR systems consist of the following components:Schema NW-6000.qxp_Opmaak 1

    • NW-6860-1000 Fixed Capsule
    • NW-6880 Float free Capsule
    • NW-6000 Core Module
    • NW-6010 Bridge Control Unit
    • NW-64xx Data Acquisition Module
    • 6 x NW-6020/6021 microphones
    • NW-6060 VHF Interface

NW6860-1000 Fixed Capsule for VDR & SVDR

Netwave has originally developed, and is manufacturing its own ‘fixed’ capsules for over 10 years now. The capsule is still unique in the marketplace today in the sense that in spite of the integration of the Central Processing Unit and Data Storage Server onto a single chip within the armored stainless steel capsule, this autonomous system is run from a single Ethernet cable leading to the compass deck. The capsule contains 48 hours of data.

NetWave capsules are not only deployed in conjunction with a NetWave VDR system but also the FRM of choice used by other VDR manufacturers. NetWave’s capsules are the only capsules in the market completely made from A316 grade stainless steel. As per the supply standard this ‘fixed’ Final Recording medium is fitted with NetWave’s Underwater Locator Beacon compliant to the SAE8045AS standard.

NW-6680 Float free capsule for VDR

The Tron 40 VDR is the most reliable ‘float free’ capsule in the market today. To emphasize the strong position of the NW-6000 in the market, Netwave is working in a close relation with Jotron to obtain the most reliable solution for the recording in a float free capsule, connected to the Core Module via one single cable (PoE) only!

NW-6010 Bridge Control Unit

The ultimate solution to user-friendly, easy to understand operation, this unit provides direct function access as well as remote system diagnostics, enabling any crewmember to find his way around without the need for any training.

Typically mounted within the bridge console, it continuously shows crystal clear unambiguous messages about what’s going on within the VDR. With its touch screen, you can select instant replay or scroll through the Menu for analysis.

NW-6000 Core Module

This efficient, uninterruptible power supply and network switch is designed with installation time-and-space in mind and offers scalability up to the largest vessel. It provides a high degree of plug and play interconnection. The core module has 1/10 Gb bandwidth on 12 Ethernet ports

 NW-64xx Data Acquisition Unit

The NW-6400 Bus-coupler is a DIN-rail mounted interface unit which provides a gateway between the Core Module and the serial, digital and/or analogue adaptors placed adjacent to the same Bus-coupler. The Bus-coupler is connected through a backplane strip for power and data exchange to the adaptors. The Bus-coupler provides a 24V DC (provided by PoE) for dry contacts to be sensed by the digital adaptor, to overcome additional power sourcing requirements or galvanic isolation. It also provides a primary Serial interface (up to 38K4) for connected NMEA concentrators or multipliers above 4K8.

NW-6020 PoE Microphones

The Netwave Microphones are PoE based. This solution enables easy daisy-chainable connections in the Wheelhouse ceeling, running only one cable to the Core Module, making fast and secure installations possible.

The Netwave PoE microphones supersede the Microphone (MSC.333(90) regulations by recording through separate recording channels for each microphone or line-in interface.

Netwave NW-6000 Plus

In today’s market, the Netwave NW-6000 provides the smallest footprint, the most economical installation costs and thanks to additional functionality will provide unrivalled operational value. The system will provide management –tools and –data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

Remote Monitoring

With secured passwords, NW-6000 can be monitored and managed real time from your office. With Remote Monitoring service, the owner/manager will receive fault diagnosis, status reports, operational performance data and download:

  • Download of logs, NMEA data
  • Periodic reports
  • Without interference of the crew
Fixed Capsule

Netwave has developed its own Fixed Capsule, being completely in control over design and production of this vital unit. With our own capsule with integrated storage server with network drive, Netwave Systems has proven to be the expert on VDR and S-VDR.

Camera Monitoring

The NW-6000 has the possibility to record video from camera’s; which can be placed in key locations on the vessel. It will provide additional information on the situation on board in any circumstance the vessel is in. This will allow the ship management to have full access of data, in combination with live streaming camera recordings.

Live Replay

Optional, the NW-6000 has the possibility to integrate with various IBS solutions. With this integration, the bridge crew will have access to instant replay of various VDR recordings.

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Designed for the maritime environment

With over 5,500 vessels currently sailing with Netwave’s Voyage Data Recorder solutions, the company is one of the most qualified VDR designers and manufacturers in the maritime industry. NetWave’s VDR systems are specifically designed to overcome the issues arising in the Maritime environment. The Netwave VDR is designed to be placed inside consoles to reduce cable laying. The benefit is faster (and therefore cheaper) installation, ease of service and with the Power over Ethernet interconnectivity, ease to use and expend. Because of the special design, the Netwave VDR is used in new building installations as part of IBS, and is also used to replace older VDR solutions which are end-of-life, have high service costs or are non-functional.

NetWave’s system architecture is unique in the fact that the used devices are connected by means of one single cable, referred to as WaveNet cabling technology. Power and Data are transmitted over this single cable on two twisted pairs, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling models. The Netwave VDR is designed toVDRoverview allow fast track installation, ease of service due to it’s Flexible Modular Design. The NetWave VDR and (S)VDR systems consist of five major components:

    • HSS Hardened Storage Server with Protected Memory (capsule)
    • PSU Power Supply & Switch Unit
    • BCU Bridge Control & Alarm Unit
    • WIM WaveNet Interface Module
    • DCU Digital Connection Unit

Netwave VDR’s Unique Characteristics

The NetWave VDR series are an entirely new generation of Ultra Compact (S)VDRs, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease of use.

On today’s market, this system provides the smallest footprint, the lowest installation cost and offers the ship-owner the option to not merely consider the (S)VDR system as a mandatory necessity, but provides management -tools and -data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

Fast Track Installation

Simplified installation due to one single wire WaveConnect® cabling between the main units using ‘no-solder’ Quickcon© hermetically sealed connectors, which allow connections within 10 seconds, requiring no tooling, and achieve long lasting protection. Daisy-chainable interconnection scheme further reduce installation cost. With WaveNet Single Wire connection for Data as well as for Power, the amount of cabling necessary is reduced with more then 50%, allowing the system installation to be performed faster than any other (S)-VDR.

Auto Configuring

As soon as the system is physically connected, you can add the power source to the PSU. Right after this, the system will auto configure itself, detecting on which channel is what system. Auto Configuring will reduce the time the engineer is installing the system and is reducing the errors made by installing manually.

NW-4600 Hardened storage Server

Netwave developed its own Hardened Storage Server, making sure the total concept is in our hands. With our own capsule with integrated storage server with network drive, we proof to be the expert on VDR and S-VDR.

Flexible Modular Design

We have no difference in S-VDR and VDR, except for the number of DCU’s to be connected. With our single wire system, you can increase the number of Interface Modules by just adding them to the system!

Service Friendly

Power of Ethernet enables you to change adapters or total interfaces within 15 minutes by un-plugging the channel, remove the adapter and re-plug the channel again. This will reduce your service cost over the years, which can be a huge burden afterwards!


a. Live Data Monitoring On the bridge control unit, you can see real-time what the VDR is storing.

b. Laptop/PC If you would like to see the software on your screen, just plug a laptop into the JR-45 port in front of the bridge control unit and you can instantly check the system; Ideal for engineers and customs officers! With the 2nd RJ-45 port in the PSU, you can connect one PC (preferably PC in Master office) which is always connected to the VDR for urgent checks and downloads.

c. Remote Diagnostics With secured passwords, you can check in the system real time from your office PC via Satcom. With our WavePlay software, you can easily make the right diagnostics for management purposes.

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The logical evolution of a proven technology

Rutter’s new VDR-100G3/G3S is a logical progression of proven technology. Offered by the industry leader in VDR retrofits, the G3/G3S delivers value and practicality in a bulkhead mountable unit thoughtfully designed to reduce cabling costs and installation time. Proven solidstate architecture minimizes ongoing maintenance and support costs. Multi-day auto archiving comes standard with these units. The G3/G3S’s design also focuses on functionality and convenience. The Operation and Alarm Unit (OAU) is simple and intuitive and can be situated in the main unit (as shown) or remotely mounted. Download and playback software is differentiated by the rich context provided by Rutter’s proprietary clear quality audio and video playback. An integrated USB port with a highspeed flash drive captures the most recently recorded data ensuring fingertip retrieval without interrupting the primary recording mechanism.

Like its predecessor, the VDR-100G3/G3S offers a modular “fit-anywhere” design that is scaleable to cost effectively meet the full range of VDR and “Simplified VDR” requirements from basic IMO compliance to the most demanding of options. Through dealers and service agents in over 100 locations, Rutter offers truly global product support and installation capability and one of the largest reference lists in the industry today.


    • Compact, easily installed wall-mount unit Solid state memory devices for essential VDR functions
    • New USB function for simplified data retrieval
    • Extended internal storage capacity
    • Modular “fit-anywhere” design reduces retrofit cost and out-of-service time
    • Data output socket and playback software included

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The MarLiant Solution

MarLiant answers to the need of ship-owners, vessel management companies and offshore installations, as well as their crews, for a reliable, secure and cost-effective (multi-user) Windows platform with unconditional and uninterrupted availability at all times, which is easily deployed and maintained, and tailored for both ‘retrofits’ as well as newly build vessels. With remote maintenance and (anti-virus) updates as well as 24/7 world-wide service and support in over 150 ports guaranteed. MarLiant is the logical next step for any vessel required to have a cost-effective and reliable on-board IT solution.

No single point of failure and unique service processors!

MarLiant systems rely on NetWave’s proprietary WaveNet™ redundancy technology consisting of embedded service processors in conjunction with dual CPU’s, network switches, and iSCI RAID controllers, completed with a tandem UPS with battery backups. The system is capable of running from multiple or single power sources with marinized surge suppression, EMI filtering and automatic failover (220 V AC nominal, 24 V DC Ship’s Supply, 24 V DC UPS combo). Within the MarLiant system, software applications are centrally placed on (and run from) the Windows Server 2008 Application Server, rather than on individual shipboard pc’s. Any and all known Windows applications are executed on the MarLiant central server in a virtually unlimited number of parallel sessions, on behalf of multiple client workstations. These may be thin-clients or existing PC’s and laptops running independent software or RDP (remote desktop protocol) sessions. The fact that the server and its data are virtually indestructible, and the low-cost thin-clients are crew replaceable, makes MarLiant the shipboard computing platform more easy to maintain and the most reliable system money can buy.

MarLiant Premium

Shore based IT specialist may choose to make use of NetWave’s web-based monitoring & update platform, making use of NetWave’s central server. To the benefit of our customers, NetWave provides a low-cost end-to end monitoring & control solution in a centralized server-based infrastructure, allowing automatic store & forward updates of shipboard applications and data. The shipboard IT Fleet Manager modem makes use of 3G/HSDPA(GSM) based network. Upon coming into coastal reach, the interface automatically polls the NetWave server for exchange of status commands, logfiles or updates. Optionally the ITFM interface provides a lower cost ‘always on’ internet connection, saving cost i.e. on FBB connections. Extreme security measures have been provided to isolate any system within the customer’s fleet from other users.

Why choose MarLiant

Transparency & Manageability

Today’s offshore IT challenges require a stable, reliable and secure shipboard IT environment to manage the vessels or offshore installations efficiently and transparently. Originally ‘on-shore’ line-of-business applications are now conquering the fleet, as well does the increasing integration with shore based back-offices. Shorter delay times, higher availability and lower cost-of-ownership are the key factors for successful deployment of on-board IT systems. MarLiant is the cost-effective solution of choice to meet these requirements.

Cost of Ownership

Increasing functionality and dependability on shipboard PC based application software to support primary line-of-business processes drive the unavoidable need to secure the continuous availability of on-board systems. The cost to keep the down-time of these systems limited grows exponentially when errors occur while a vessel is making passage without educated IT staff or spares on board, especially in an outdated environment where hard- and software is deployed over multiple service-points like in a network of PC’s. The centralized MarLiant system architecture secures the highest availability possible, even in the event of a hardware failure of one or more of its parts. This results in an uninterrupted availability to the crew, while postponing a service event to any future port of convenience. The fact that NetWave has more than 150 trained and certified engineers along the major shipping routes and the MarLiant solution may be remotely managed by NetWave or the ship-owners IT department leads to the lowest cost per seat available for offshore computing today. On top of that, NetWave warrants a life span of the MarLiant form factor for a minimum of 10 years, while any future hardware upgrades are easily achieved by merely exchanging single (i.e. CPU) modules within the system.

Maritime Design

Contrary to standard PC’s or servers, MarLiant hardware was specifically designed to withstand offshore environmental and operating conditions. Multiple, server independent, serviceprocessors allow hardware monitoring, power conditioning and filtering, temperature & humidity control, vibration, ventilation performance, and much more. Data storage at RAID51 level, realized with Solid State Drives, secures state-of-the-art data protection for offshore installations. A fully redundant system without any single point of failure leads to non-stop computing without compromise!


Thin Client topology and Network Access Protection (NAP), in conjunction with (fleet-wide) enforced security policies; fully eliminate exposure to abuse or crew tampering (games, viruses). Automatic ‘near real-time’ anti-virus software updates via polling over lowest cost communications paths provides an unrivaled way to keep systems clean!


Optional NetWave Project & Configuration Management Services allow pre-configured ‘plug & play’ systems to be delivered to any yard or port, being it for newly build vessels or those vessels with an already existing network and PC clients. Network verification and certification capabilities. Local installation & commissioning by certified agents. Optional customer and service agent trainings are offered via the MarLiant Academy at Rotterdam, Singapore (Q4- 2012) and Houston.


Remote updates as well as system monitoring and control, in conjunction with fast modular exchange of spares and automatic system rebuild capabilities, guarantees cost-effective repair and maintenance. NetWave trained and certified service agent network, with standardized exchange hardware immediately available from most ports along the main shipping routes.


Where a stable and unified platform is realized, Cost-of-Ownership is reduced because MarLiant’s Client-Server technology simplifies hard- and software deployment & control to a single point of attention and maintenance. Deployment throughout the fleet realizes a unified, transparent offshore IT platform perfectly supported along the major shipping routes, without customer intervention if required. Remote access and control by the customer or NetWave’s extensive support department quickly and cost effectively remedies any issues encountered without hindrance or delay. Improved systems, security and availability result in less sustainability efforts and reduced cost!

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