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Remote Monitoring is known significantly to distribute savings in service and other voyage expenditures. Approximately, it is being measured contrary to the conventional preventive maintenance. And that would imply it to be something that ship owners would look after for.


Generally, the remote monitoring system is not only applicable to the marine environment. But in most cases, remote monitoring is a standard blueprint assisting the monitoring network operational affairs of businesses or industries. Basically, the purpose of such monitoring scheme is to help owners and employees build decisions and plan of actions for a room for improvement and achieving exemplary performance.

In ships, remote monitoring basically allows vessel owners and managers to do a real-time evaluation of the ship’s overall activity onboard. Through utilizing certain monitoring devices and software like the Netwave Seawise “Big Data” Technology, getting significant information and details would be a lot more feasible.

Such is an array of navigation data that essentially involves the vessel’s speed, direction, location, ocean currents, and climate conditions. Also important, the status of the cargo, equipment, and engines aboard the ship. Furthermore, remote monitoring notably influences how operators would be able to:

  • Easily detects or pinpoints inaccuracy and inefficiencies of performance
  • Create decisions or strategize in minimizing running costs
  • Formulate measures in countering potential damages
  • Provide appraisal of specific device, tool or equipment, if they need to be repaired or replaced



The ability to supervise, control, or regulate the ship’s long-term undertaking is always the essence of the maritime industry.


Having the right agenda, methods and actions make everything aboard the ship to fall into place. With the progression of technology, cutting-edge and more conducive tools can aid faster, more accurate, and provision of ample length of data. Vitally, through remote monitoring, operators or managers can simply establish data-driven resolutions

Vitally, through remote monitoring, operators or managers can simply establish data-driven resolutions. With this, organizing schedules or appointments, engine maintenance, and other pertinent scopes are a lot more realizable in less time. As a result, productivity, efficiency, and competency of the overall ship operations could be much more attainable.



The Netwave Seawise “Big Data” Technology supports Remote Monitoring


With Netwave Seawise, maximizing onboard resources is procurable. Onboard proceedings and systems that need human intervention can eventually be performed more effectively with remote monitoring. Walk-through, inspections, and data collection and encoding are the examples of this area.

Remote monitoring helps to alleviate errors and miscalculations of performance that are usually done by the operators and crew members. It virtually ensures that definite and reliable data can be delivered anytime for an adequate problem solving and outlining of corrective and preventive measures.

The Netwave Seawise “Big Data” Technology leads in visualizing and straitening out inconveniences of the ship’s activities before such occur. Netwave Seawise leads to curtailing the typical manual system, letting ship owners mandate crew more persuasively and even having the possibility of cutting down the number of technical personnel, thus, causing a more decrease in manpower expenditure.