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Do you know a ship that can actually carry or transport automobile vehicles? Featuring the exclusive attributes of the so-called “Ro-Ro Ships.”


Roll on Roll off or mostly known as Ro-Ro ship is a distinguished type of vessel that’s specialized for transporting wheeled cargo. Particularly, Ro-Ro ships import from one place to another, trucks, automobiles, semi-trailer trucks, or railroad trucks, which are compelled or pulled along on and off the vessel on their own wheels. Ro-Ro ships are also called car carriers. That simply implies the fact that this kind of watercraft has exclusive inclines or ramps. Thus, enabling it to load or unload cargo and vehicles in an easier and more convenient manner.


Ro-Ro Ship Brief History

Most people typically view ships or any watercraft used for passengers or handling cargo or goods. For some few, they may not even familiarize with such kind of vessel – the “Roll on Roll off.” However, Ro-Ro ships are not the new type of vessel. As a matter of fact, they were already fabricated in the 19th century. And, they have become very useful for transporting trains that are too wide to pass through bridges and across the rivers. The Firth of Forth is basically one of the earliest Ro-Ro vessels, which began operating in 1851. The rails were settled on the vessel in order to connect to the ones on land. A train would then easily roll into the ship and then roll off at the other end.


Through the years, just like the other types of watercraft, Ro-Ro ships have been advanced technologically. Consequently, diverse kinds have emerged. Customarily, they include cruise ferries, ferries, cargo vessels, barges and other different types.

PCC and PCTC Ro-Ro Ships

Pure Car Carriers and their closely related, Pure Car Truck Carrier peculiar types having a box-like framework. Its superstructure feature runs the whole hulls’ breadth and length, entirely enclosing and insulating the cargo. The PCC or Pure Car Carriers carry only cars while the PCTC transports a different variety of four-wheeled vehicles; cars, trucks, and more. Unlike other Ro-Ro ships, PCC and PCTC are quite broader in size and thus, are quite discernible. Such are primarily used for delivering newer automobiles to their required exporting locations.


ConRo Ship – Container Vessel

The ConRo is essentially a synthesis of a container ship and a Ro-Ro. A ConRo has both top and below decks. Below-decks area is substantially used for storing vehicles. On the other hand, the top deck portion is utilized for stacking containerized goods or freight. What’s more distinct about ConRo is that its interior framework is designed to make its loads equally distributed and stabilized. The maximum capacity of ConRo can be over a fifty thousand deadweight tonnes.

RoPax Ship

RoPax ship is, in essence, laid out to transport not only cargo but passengers or travelers as well. The term RoPax literally means, Ro for Roll-on and Pax for people or passenger aboard. Such type of ship is the one that is actually known as ferries, which carry both automobiles and passengers over river docks.

 RoLo Ship 

Another type of Ro-Ro vessel, which means roll-on, lift-off. a Hybrid type having ramps serving decks especially for vehicles and the other decks for cargo is only accessible by crane.



There are quite rare features of Ro-Ro ships over the traditional vessels that people used to know or encounter. Substantially, few advantages are recognized in different points of view:

  • As to shippers or merchants, the Speed is basically a huge advantage with Ro-Ro. The fact that cars and trucks can run straight on to the watercraft at one seaport and then went off at the other seaport within a short time period of the ship docking, can actually cause a lot of time to be saved.
  • Ro-Ro ships are noticed that they can associate well with the other transport development. the utilization of customs-sealed parts has actually allowed perimeters to be passed over with such a shorter time period. In this case, it heightens the rate of motion and productivity of the merchants.
  • Another interesting to note is that with Ro-Ro ships, vacationers or travelers can take their own car from one place to another through the water. This factor has significantly contributed to the holidaymakers and tourism.