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Shipping companies are covering a number of ways to meet environmental friendly navigation, as well as reducing fuel consumption.

Not to deny, fuel efficiency is one of the greatest concerns in the shipping industry during the old times and even up to now. In fact, fuel has always been the topmost expenditure of every ship, which covers between fifty to 70% of cost allocation during the voyage. As much as possible, fleet, cargo, and vessel owners aim for a cheaper, more efficient, and sustainable shipping transactions. But, the reality is that most watercrafts do utilize lots of energy.

However, it’s a good thing that recent technologies have been introduced to help promote ultra-efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Basically, that means, a reduced fuel utilization could result in decreased fuel purchase. And even so, it immensely contributes to minimized emissions and be able to lessen the logistic cost of acquiring fuel. The Netwave Seawise Technology proposes a generic but truly cost-effective solution for optimizing fuel consumption. And, that is by using a cloud platform.


The Seawise Technology is an expertly invented system by the global leader of manufacturing premium voyage data recorders, the Netwave Systems. It essentially helps in optimizing fuel costs and providing data-driven decisions in fuel utilization.

Diverse strategies and many options are extensively exploited and a range of energy-saving innovations have been raised in order to encourage fuel efficiency. However, ways or measures on reducing fuel consumption do vary according to the ship’s type, routes, cargoes, and other factors. But nevertheless, typical operational procedures to obtain reduced fuel consumption are actually quite the same.

In general, these methods associated with the management of voyage performance and hull and propeller status. In addition, this also relates to the ultimate vessel systems operation and the entire energy effectiveness management. To give an illustration, the following are common methods and newly featured technology that have been taken advantaged by the maritime industry.

  • Air Lubrication System or also known as bubble technology is one of the schemes for reducing fuel consumption. It lessens the resistance between the vessel’s hull and seawater utilizing air bubbles.


  • Onboard DC Grid System is featured by ABB to help watercraft reduce fuel consumption, eliminate noise and trim environmental force. This structure permits engines to operate at variable speeds, which has been analyzed to minimize fuel usage up to 27%.


  • Nose Job or Modifying Ship’s Bulbous Bow is another effective means of reducing fuel consumption in ships. Large companies took advantage of this technique to improve fuel usage.



  • Fuel Saving Propeller Attachment relates to an energy-saving unit known as Hi-FIN. It is being attached to the hub of the vessel that produces countering swirls, which offset the swirls created by the propeller. Thus, this enhances propulsion efficiency. Hi-FIN has been discovered to save up to 2.5 percent of fuel consumption compared to other ships without Hi-FIN.
  • Low Loss Hybrid Energy System is another innovation for minimizing fuel usage. It uses different sources of power in combination with energy storage equipment to run prime movers to their maximum performance. The main feature of this approach is its capability to lessen transient engine loads which caused higher fuel consumption.


  • The Wind and Solar Power is definitely the most promising point of supply of alternative energy for sea-going transportation. Different methods have been extensively tested to harness the ability of the wind and solar power. The successfully completed trials have verified that this strategy also promotes fuel savings.


  • Fuel Oil Emulsion Technology by Blended Fuel Solutions blazes more entirely that the unmodified fuel, thus less fuel is expected. Such incredible means requires less maintenance due to lower emissions and cooler running engines. Therefore, there is a significant reduction of fuel consumption.



The Netwave Seawise Technology: A Game Changer

Being first in the maritime industry, the Seawise Technology is prudently created to help ship owners in monitoring and optimizing fuel expenses. This scheme offers insights and data-driven decisions in fuel utilization for all vessels. Furthermore, it highlights the applications that can support every vessel to conform to new regulatory standards. As well as, enables ships to upgrade to an advanced environmental and operational standard.

  • Fuel efficiency enhancements
  • Performance measurement and improvement resolutions
  • Predictive maintenance solutions