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What is a Mid-Ocean Ridge?


A Mid-Ocean Ridge or also known as Mid-oceanic ridge is a wide-ranging mountain system found underwater. It is created by the continually changing tectonic plates and the heat discharged from the earth’s core. The Mid-Ocean Ridge is considered a rare occurrence on earth. Such phenomenon is responsible for separating the oceans and since the emitted heat from the earth is constant, it develops in these mid-ocean ridges, which being changed and formed deliberately.

The extensive Mid-Ocean Ridge system covers the earth like seams on a baseball, expanding sixty-five thousand kilometers or miles of 40,390. In essence, a majority of this system is underwater. It has an average of water depth to the ridge top of 8, 200 feet or 2,500 meters.

Geographically, Mid-Ocean Ridges is crucial to the fact that they arise along diverse plate boundaries. This means a new ocean floor is developed as the globe’s tectonic plates are spread apart. While the plates disconnect, some molten rock accelerates to the seafloor, generating huge volcanic eruptions of basalt, and erecting the longest series of volcanoes around the world. And the fact that most eruptions happen deep under water, they often go unrecognized.



The Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Rise


The Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Rise are two of the most prudently researched and studied mid-ocean ridges. Runs down the center of the Atlantic Ocean is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It gradually spread at a rate of 2 to 5 centimeters or 0.8 to 2 inches every year. Basically, it is creating a split valley, which is about the width and depth of a Grand Canyon. On the other hand, the East Pacific Rise extends rapidly at a rate of six to sixteen centimeters or 3 to 6 inches) every year. Due to the rapidly growing rates, there is no separated valley in the Pacific. But, just a smooth volcanic summit having a crack on the crest, which is much smaller compared to the Atlantic rift valley.



These mid-ocean ridges are substantially the earth’s typical feature concerning its forms of water. However, even up to this point, it is still unexplained and obscure. That, mid-ocean ridges are the cause for the many existing volcanoes at the present times. Nevertheless, for over the years, these mid-ocean ridges can be the factor for the many occurring above the sea-surface and undersea catastrophe. In spite of being such a conspicuous feature on the human planet, much of the mid-ocean ridge still is mysterious. Scientists and experts are until now are still exploring the enigma of this phenomenon.