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Significantly, Remote Monitoring system is very common in many fields like business, medical institution, university and especially in marine industry.  


It cannot be denied, Mariners worldwide are fully aware or been very familiar with the new industry trends, particularly in the maritime field. Thus, they are indeed acquainted with the so-called Remote Monitoring system. It is basically a system enabling ships to supervise and read operational framework from a remote area.

Essentially, Remote Monitoring is a scheme invented to control complex or large facilities with some automation degree. In ships,  it is applied to oversee/check its network operational activities with the use of machinery or device. Also known as RMON, this system was highly advanced to address a lot of concerns in the marine field. Particularly, on the remote location and local area network.

Certainly, Remote Monitoring plays a huge part in every vessel’s conduct especially in tracking the progress of the network operational affairs. It maneuvers an extensive network fault detection that provides performance-tuning details. Wherein, such data is used by the fleet managers, operators, and ship owners. It collects different data types, which involve packet dropped, a packet sent, statistics and bytes sent by the host.


In addition, the ship administrators utilize remote monitoring scheme to work out website access data, network user traffic, and bandwidth levels.

Featuring the Netwave Seawise Technology, a system employing modern yet efficient Remote Monitoring scheme, besides it other excellent marine services. In essence, it helps network authorities to create a productive and competent structure framework management and control. Moreover, administering a remote monitoring standard helps in designating group tasks and gathering statistics in a more organized way.

Substantially, with Remote Monitoring, fleet personnel are able to produce data-driven decisions. In which, could help them formulate schedules, maintenance, and other related functions paramount to the overall operation of the vessel. Many voyagers believe that through remote monitoring, the future of the ship management is more incorporated with decision-making support on-board and ashore.



The global leader in crafting high-quality voyage data recorders or VDRs, the Netwave System invented the Seawise Technology.

It is a system that simply provides a smart and easy tracking and monitoring tool. By deploying Netwave Seawise, this remote monitoring resolution has some remarkable benefits associated with it.

More enhanced efficiency and reduction of operational costs – Inherently, remote monitoring aids in minimizing downtime triggered by failure, error or haphazard engine maintenance. In such a way by regularly checking the engine condition and the hours of operation. As well as, by cautioning operators of the forthcoming services.

With the Netwave Seawise remote monitoring method, optimizing fuel consumption is possible. It features a phenomenal reporting and analysis of fuel utilization by helping managers to evaluate how the ship is performing. And also, to assess performance compared to the other fleet affairs.

Furthermore, this structure aids vessel owners to determine how skipper habits and ship conduct affect the supposed to right usage of fuel. By setting up alarms and thresholds, operators can simply monitor for bad skipping behaviors. As well as, provides such skippers with the appropriate feedback.


Remote monitoring simultaneously maximizes the resources that can be present on-board the ship.

Boost on-board resources – Procedures requiring human interference like inspections, walk-through, data gathering and entry, are consequently performed by the remote monitoring system. Initially, to lessen human failures and error, along with ensuring to accurate information for effective problem-solving and planning.

The Netwave Seawise supports in anticipating and rectifying unfavorable issues before that happens. It also reduces manual mechanism, permitting fleet owners to command crews sufficiently and cut-down the number of on-board technical personnel.


Reliable connection anytime and anywhere – With Seawise remote monitoring system, timely distribution of engine data can be guaranteed accessible regardless of the ship’s location. With the Netwave’s stable and steady connectivity, operators can be mindful that any deviation or irregularity can be observed and disclosed through the system