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When it comes to shipping standards, REMOTE MONITORING plays a huge part by assisting the progress of network operational activities. 

Nowadays, digital technologies have become very conducive and influential tools in managing fleets. Not to deny, technology advancements have been observed to support ships in obtaining improvements of operational and financial aspects. The so-called Remote Monitoring is a relevant application that all ships are utilizing to be able to promote overall performance efficiency.

Remote Monitoring is also commonly termed as RMON. It works by utilizing remote devices or units known as probes or monitors. Essentially, it tremendously helps ship owners and administrators with the back-up of effective network framework management and control. The Netwave’s Seawise Technology is a genuine example of this area.



Generally, in watercrafts, Remote Monitoring enables the ship owners and managers to monitor every sensor data at any time onboard.

Through taking advantage of the network of sensors established on the vessel, the owner is able to gather or collect significant information. Such information is a wide array of voyage data or details, which include the ship’s direction, location, and speed. As well, the climate, ocean currents and the onboard equipment, engines, and cargo conditions.

In the essence, The Seawise Technology is professionally created by the world’s leading VDR manufacturer, Netwave systems, administers RMON. It upgrades this automation to the next paradigm by changing data into information. And, such information is diverted to recommendations, and these recommendations are converted into actions. Furthermore, the Seawise Technology has its own distinct ability to read and monitor operational guidelines from a remote area. In contrast to other systems, The Netwave Seawise is indeed one of the rare systems that build analysis and performance optimization through the cloud.

Speaking about this cloud versatility platform, substantially, it advocates predictive maintenance solutions, fuel efficiency enhancements, performance measurement, and improvement resolutions. Moreover, the potentiality of Seawise Technology’s Remote Monitoring is constantly in demand due to its upgrading and emerging maritime technology and operational governance.



Considering all these vital information, it is realized how Remote Monitoring is absolutely far-reaching to the maritime industry.

Specifically, to marine applications. The Seawise Technology is an expert game changer crafted and highly developed by Netwave. It is a sophisticated data-collection scheme that sends information to the cloud, where all data are harmonized and examined. To which, results are made accessible and convenient for more analysis and handling.

In addition, this generic out-of-the box SaaS platform instrument works beyond definite programs or application.In this particular, Seawise offers diverse maritime service provider a resolution to deliver and keep any type of vessel’s statistics. And, such data is placed into the cloud platform, in a most cost-efficient and reliable manner.

All things considered, the Netwave Seawise is basically one of the authentic examples of the future Remote Monitoring structure, that’s not limited to a standard marine monitoring system. Wherein, it entirely integrates with ship performance optimization, fuel-efficiency improvement, and overall operations of the vessel in general.