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Many people think of the most heard and talked-about Titanic as the enormous ship ever built in history. But the truth is, it’s actually not. It’s the Seawise Giant. In fact, it was twice the length of the ever popular Titanic. 



It was known to be Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Knock Nevis, Oppama, and lastly, Mont. These are the powerful names that marked the world’s largest ship in history – SEAWISE GIANT. Like the other sunken ships in the past, Seawise Giant also experienced sinking but, it was dragged up to navigate again. No wonder, it was indeed great and unbeatable.

Enumerated phenomenal facts of Seawise Giant:

  • It was an Ultra Large Crude Carrier supertanker and was known to be the longest watercraft ever been made.
  • She was weighing over 564 thousand tonnes and measuring 1,500 feet in length. Not surprisingly, Seawise Giant was totally the largest.
  • Due to its extremely large size, it cannot pass through the Suez Canal, Panama Canal, or the English Channel.
  • Seawise Giant was ordered in 1974 and built for almost five years. It was delivered in 1979 and fully operated on that same year.
  • The bombed and sunken ship happened during the Iran-Iraq battle in the year 1988.
  • However, a year later, the Seawise Giant has been restored and back in service again.
  • December 2009 marked its final journey, it was named Mont, and was sold to Indian shipbreakers.



Being in operation for thirty years, this Japanese-built mighty ship has a lot of historical data to note.

Seawise Giant began her navigation with monotonous shipping courses between the US and the Middle East. During the year 1988, this undeniably huge vessel became preyed upon the war of Iran and Iraq. Specifically, on the 14th of May, Seawise Giant was carrying an Iranian crude oil in Strait of Hormuz. Unfortunately, it was assaulted by the Iraqi Airforce planes. This led the largest ship to drown off the coast of the Larak Island, Iran. Then, it was announced totally lost and turned out to be the most considerable shipwreck in the world.

As it is said by many, “you can’t keep a mighty ship down.” And that basically happened to Seawise Giant. She was pulled out after the Iran-Iraq battle in 1989 and has undergone significant repair. The restoration stage took two years and was initiated in Singapore. That time, the supertanker garnered its second name, the Happy Giant.

The year 1991 noted another major happening of Seawise Giant. The already refurbished supertanker was acquired by Jorgen Jahre for $39 million. Jorgen Jahre is a Norwegian shipping mogul and was essentially the reason why the largest ship in the world was then named Jahre Viking. The Seawise Giant under that new name operated for next thirteen years under the Norwegian flag.

Again, the longest ship in history was then purchased by First Olsen Tankers in the year 2004.

Traditionally, a new named was formed and it was then known to be Knock Nevis. The mighty watercraft was transformed into a stationary storage tanker and its final operation was then a floating storage and offloading ship. Permanently, it was anchored or docked in the Persian Gulf’s Al Shaheen Oil Field off the coast of the country Qatar.

For five years, the world’s longest ship settled as a storage watercraft. After which, the owners then decided the ship to be scrapped. As a result of the reached resolution, Knock Nevis was bought to ship-breaking yards of Alang-Sosiya in India. It was finally named Mont in the year 2010. As a matter of fact, the dismantling proposal actually took eighteen thousand workers involved.

Even now, still no ship can ever surpass the vastness of Seawise Giant. No wonder until now, it was still and ever be called the biggest ship around the world. People can only see her thirty-six-tonne anchor displayed in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.