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Not only popular as the leading creators of VDR, the Netwave highly introduces its newest innovative system, The SEAWISE Technology.


The Netwave Systems, a prominent manufacturer of genuine voyage data recorders introduces its latest innovation, the Seawise Connected Ship Technology. Inherently, Seawise is an enhanced automation that simply accommodates vessel performance analysis and reporting through the cloud.

Indeed, cost-efficiency is undeniably an important factor to every ship. As observed, more than 70% of the ship’s expenditures are typically to fuel cost allocation. Thus,  a new mechanism has been established to assist ship owners to resolve and upgrade every vessel’s long term technical performance and operations.

Essentially, Seawise permits the ship owners to evaluate and upgrade the ship’s long-term technical performance. Furthermore, this sophisticated technology also allows flexible broadcasting solutions through a virtual exclusive cloud environment. Moreover, it’s an incredible IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) strategy enables shipowners to take advantage of lowest cost data transmission. An encrypted maritime standards data format sent through the cloud, where applications utilizing ship’s information are practically limitless of whatever nature.



Substantially, the Seawise Technology extends a universal resolution that necessarily gather, filter, systematize, report, and approve all types of significant data. Hence, such information is collected aboard the ship while forming for prompt or future performance and analysis developed in the cloud.

In effect, the Seawise Connected Ship Technology is considered a game changer that has been verified ideal for certain applications:

  • Vessel’s regular operations and fuel efficiency monitoring
  • MRV CO2 reporting – Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification
  • Ship’s resistance analysis
  • Predictive maintenance solution
  • Remote monitoring of sensor data
  • Docking optimization
  • Equipment functionality and fault reporting
  • Allows Fleet benchmarking
  • And other application prescribed by the shipowner or service agent



In addition to these remarkable scopes, the Seawise Technology features a monitoring dashboard that presents and analyzes statistics measured on board.

That means, it integrates measurement data with the current, wind, and wave information from the meteorological model. Furthermore, it provides ship efficiency insight in contrast to design specification and permitting benchmarking of your fleet.

More impressively, the Seawise by Netwave utilizes voyage data recorder or committed Seawise gateway as a data-gathering device to collect information 24/7. After which, it delivers the information to the cloud where it’s being harmonized and examined. As an effect, the data can be taken advantage for further study and processing.

Undeniably, the Seawise Platform is a phenomenal game changer. In essence, it releases data and eliminates the friction of assimilation for exceptional speed and swiftness. Also, with the API-led connection approach, Seawise Technology is raising the weight of custom accessibility. Even as well, granting freedom to the companies to establish or organize faster upon the ship’s affairs information.



Generally, due to Netwave’s premium VDR series and reliable worldwide service network, major shipping companies trust SEAWISE Technology. Remarkably, allowing Seawise as a standard platform for their ship’s technical data or information interchange.