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The Netwave Systems is not only recognized for being the first in manufacturing a specialized ship device, known as Voyage Data Recorder. But, Netwave also leads the maritime industry for being the most innovative producers of premium VDRs.

Generally, a voyage data recorder or commonly denominated as VDR records and stores significant details during a ship’s navigation. Basically, it captures the vessel’s time, longitude, and latitude. This phenomenal device is indeed capable of accumulating a wealth of information.

Essentially, such data can be utilized for a wide array of purposes to help promote safety and efficiency of the overall performance of the ship.

  • VDR data can be used primarily for investigating deep-sea casualties after the fact.
  • The data is also significant for formulating measures in avoiding unfavorable incidents.
  • It can also be used for training tools for crew members and even to higher rank officials.
  • The information taken from the voyage data recorder is also useful for preventive maintenance.
  • Furthermore, the VDR data is also helpful for creating plans and actions in reducing running or operating expenditures.

These items are common and just few of the many benefits a VDR data can offer to the marine field. Due to this device’ notable advantage, many manufacturers are racing the market field featuring their unique voyage data recording instruments.

One of the most influential and distinguished makers of VDRs is the Netwave Systems BV.


The Superior Voyage Data Recorders by Netwave Systems BV

The Netwave Systems is a marine manufacturing and an IT and electronics development company. It is substantially one of the marine associations that increasingly recognizes technological progress particular in the field of maritime industry.

It’s expertise in innovating marine products led to harnessing the features of their voyage data recorders in order to create a great operational improvement in every vessel.

The Netwave’s series of marine recording units include Netwave G3, NW 6000, and NW 4000. These are exclusively-crafted ship recorders that are remarkably functional, easy to use, and reliably durable.

Netwave’s standard VDRs meet the latest performance regulation and technical requirements, as demanded by the International Maritime Organization guidelines.



The Netwave G3 

The Netwave Systems BV latest voyage data recording unit is the Netwave G3. It is a type of ship recording device that characterizes cost-effective VDR installation.The G3 series is engineered having the range of capabilities and known for its convenience of use. It’s in a bulkhead mountable device, solid state architecture design that reduces continuous maintenance and support expense. Moreover, the Netwave G3 is known for its lesser costs of cabling requirement and time of installation.

  • Lightweight and compact bulkhead-mount device
  • Laid out for fast, adequate, and practical installations
  • Available Simplified VDR with either float-free or fixed capsule
  • Includes data output socket and playback software
  • Solid-state memory units for substantial VDR functions
  • Features USB flash drive to simplify the retrieval of data


The NW 6000 and NW 4000 series are also some of the superior voyage data recorders by Netwave. However, these two recording equipment are quite conventional yet still feature advance workable condition and are cost-effective VDR systems.

These marine recording systems offer a one or single Ethernet cable, that means, data and power are administered over the same single cable. As a result, eradicates the demand of a more complex cabling requirements.

Advantages of Acquiring the Superior Voyage Data Recorders of Netwave

  • The installation of a complete VDR project (either a standard VDR or just a simplified-VDR) is “fixed cost”
  • The company provides the IMO required yearly or “Annual Performance Test” of the voyage data recording unit.
  • Features free “EasyFix Kits” for modifying outdated S-VDR at an economical cost.
  • Having a “worldwide service network” accessible 24/7 in almost all major shipping lines.
  • Certifications required by the IMO comprise Russian Register, Wheelmark, and China Class.
  • Features an innovative cloud platform technology enabling data collection through the cloud (Seawise)