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Marine VDRs, which specifically stands for Voyage Data Recorders have never fail to impress the maritime industry. Before the conception of VDRs in ships, many causes of oceanic disasters and undesirable events have remained unknown.


Most inspections and investigations into oceanic catastrophes will have the associated information, which basically provided by the voyage data recorder. Fundamentally, the data administered by the VDR system can be taken advantaged to reassemble events in comprehensive detail.

Because of the VDR’s capacity to collect and preserve vital navigational data, almost all watercraft nowadays are establishing a VDR system. In fact, a VDR device is weighed the best evidence during the investigation process of any marine or deep-sea tragedy.

Basically, the VDR information can simply serve as a very thorough understanding of episodes that lead up to an incident.


Underlying Facts &  About Marine Voyage Data Recorders:

  • VDRs in ships are not only considered as a standard marine device highly enforced by the Maritime International Organization.
  • But, VDRs in ships are treated as one of an essential instrument installed in tanker, container, passenger or cargo vessels. This is because its ability to capture events that are happening aboard the ship is indeed far-reaching.
  • VDRs in ships are designed primarily to record a minimum of forty-eight hours and thirty days of data.
  • The capacity of the VDR is not only restricted for assisting in any accident investigation. Its potential in bettering the safety in marine transportation has also been acknowledged.
  • VDR information has also been used for further learning and training of the Mariners. Further knowledge enables them to uphold enhanced voyage safety and operation.



To reiterate, the International Maritime Organization mandate all required ships to establish this imperative marine recorder, initially, due to the fact that numbers ships have been damaged and the loss of lives are real. Sadly, without any clear explanation. Genuinely, this is the very reason of the birth of voyage data recorders or simply, VDRs in ships.

Voyage Data Recorders For Safety Concerns

The compliance of a complete VDR structure is a paramount concern for the maritime industry. The automatic data capturing tool cater decisive factual statistics for casualty investigation. Substantially, this plays a key part in diagnosing and addressing innovative factors.

While it can be contended that VDRs in ships may not be the first line device for safety, it assuredly has extensive value in securing that a ship is regulated safely. And, that its group of equipment is generating as expected, and the Mariners are doing their responsibilities according to what they are required to do and follow.

Voyage Data Recorders For Management Concerns

VDRs in ships can also function remarkably as a management tool. It can serve the owner and operator with information and statistics, which can be utilized for the better leading of the vessel’s general affair. Therefore, administering key data that can be taken advantaged to develop traffic routing, supervise conditions of hull stress, and deal with efficient fuel consumption.

Moreover, VDRs in ships can also contribute phenomenally the owner and operator an overall report of what has occurred in an event. Thus, helping the case of some misconduct performance. The management’s gain derived from equipping an entire VDR system would hastily outweigh the expense or cost of its complete installation.