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Essentially, successful and profitable voyages are results of best and effective actions by every ship. Simply, this denotes “Vessel Optimization.”


Generally, the term “optimization” is used or applied to everything that emphasizes increase, accumulation, development, or maximization. In the maritime field, vessel optimization is one of the highly encouraged factors to attain an efficient and improved operation.

The Netwave System BV is a very popular global company, which basically been involved in the maritime business. Netwave is greatly known for its high-quality voyage data recorders or commonly recognized as VDRs.  In order to advocate vessel optimization, Netwave has introduced “Seawise.”


Retrofitting vessels to meet new regulatory standards is substantially the purpose of Seawise Technology by Netwave.


Other than that, The Seawise system encourages ships to upgrade to a higher level of the environmental and operational benchmark. Inherently, this remarkable Netwave System highlights two features that will truly help ships in their fleet to be more productive in their navigation.

  • Cost Efficiency. Recurrently, over seventy percent of the navigational costs of almost all ships can be charged to fuel expenditures. New administrative regulations will elevate this figure even more. A comprehensive understanding of vessel optimization particularly in ship’s efficiency is critical to manipulate these costs and push them down.


  • Cloud Versatility.  This is a generic out-of-the-box SaaS platform measure. In essence, it goes further than the specific applications because it offers any type of maritime service provider. What’s impressive about this solution is that it transfer and save any type of ship’s data or information into the cloud. This kind of data transmission immensely saves the use of more energy in vessels, thus promotes fuel efficiency.


Ingeniously, Vessel Optimization connects to the safety system, which has proved to measurably reduce the expenditures incurred during every voyage.

In fact, it also aids in minimizing the risk of vessel damage and loss in such a way of implementing a ship safe operating envelope. As a result, this advanced the harmony between itinerary and operating efficiency while gathering prudent safety and environment necessities.

The Seawise is a vessel optimization scheme that features cloud versatility structure. Meaning, it utilizes either a VDR or voyage data recording tool or a dedicated Seawise gateway as a method, which collect data. Then, it transmits data to the cloud where it is integrated, unified, and analyzed. Such results are made available for further examination, analysis, or processing.



Vessel optimization is every ship’s demand to help raise its overall affairs and procedures. The Netwave Seawise Technology System is an exceptional illustration of building up vessel optimization, which features cost-efficiency and cloud versatility. It retrofits watercraft to meet new administrative standards and upgrade vessels to a more advanced operational and environmental standards.