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Voyage Data Recorders have become and been recognized as a world-class marine equipment. Not only because they are highly recommended by the International Maritime Organization but due to their exemplary use and service in every ship.


The proven usefulness of voyage data recording system or widely noted as VDR has basically persuaded numerous marine electronics manufacturers. Since the IMO enforced specific watercraft to safely install a VDR onboard, a variety of VDR manufacturers have been emerging.

Undeniably, most professional marine electronics suppliers worldwide have been bound to delivering reliable and genuine marine IT and electronics solutions. The introducing of VDRs is precisely one of the focal points in the high-tech fields of the maritime/shipping industry.

The creation of Voyage Data Recorders is potentially influencing the navigational performance, connectivity, and communication of the marine realm.

This world-class professional device has not only been very serviceable for investigation of oceanic accidents after the fact. But, has also been ascertained to be valuable in a variety of aspects related to improving the overall affairs of every vessel.



Many popular countries worldwide have been marine suppliers of Voyage Data Recorders. Until now, these VDR manufacturers are upgrading the features of such marine recorders.


However, despite the further developments of VDRs, the International Maritime Organization has set standards on the general VDR system. Every VDR manufacturer has to meet and comply all the specifications clearly stated in the IMO A.861 and IEC. 61996.

The Data Acquisition Unit is a locking cabinet consisting of an industrial-grade central processing unit along with the following components. The DAU is a tamper-proof device, which has the capacity to withstand the effects of pressure, heat, extreme shock, collision, and other marine accident.

  • Audio card
  • Radar/video capture board
  • Uninterruptible power supply (having 2-hour capacity)
  • 8 standard serial data inputs
  • Detachable memory module for recovering and playback of data


The Protected Data Capsule (either fixed or float-free capsule) has to meet all IMO and IEC stipulations, that is to hold up to 48 hours of onboard information or statistics. The Fixed capsule incorporates underwater beacon, a fast release mechanism for recovering and a cable of 50 meters.

The Bridge Alarm Unit is also a relevant part the entire VDR system, which is mounting on the bridge of the ship. It administers audible and visual alarms. It also integrates LCD or liquid crystal display for alarm codes. Also, the main SAVE button to store hours of data on the hard drive.

The Bridge Microphone Unit basically captures audio on the bridge of the vessel. It comprises the buzzer for self-test every few hours. And, a watertight device is accessible for escalating on the bridge wings.

The Sensor Interface Unit has the function of providing signal preparing for digital, analog, and serial inputs. It simply interfaces with the DAU through a common Ethernet platform. Thus, reducing the demand for long cable runs.



In essence, all Voyage Data Recorders regardless of their distinct features and brands are fundamentally having the role to record, gather, process, and provide a wealth of information.


Specifically, the data is vital for analyzing a number of applications concerning the ship’s array of transactions, including engine, Mariners’ actions, ship movement, etc.

  • Analyzing the status and performance of equipment
  • Improving crew or Mariners training and management practices
  • Facilitate in investigating both minor and major deep-sea incidents
  • Settling insurance claims
  • Evaluating efficiency
  • Promoting safety measures
  • Advancing overall operational performance