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Covering seventy-two percent of our planet are seas and oceans. To count, there are five oceans in the world including Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Indian, and the Southern. Among these vast bodies of water are actually identified as the “World’s Most Dangerous Oceans.”


With the highest number of marine casualties in the last fifteen years, the South China Sea and East Indies, Black Sea, North Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and the British Isles are reported to be the world’s dangerous oceans. It turns out that some of our planet’s huge bodies of water are pretty deadliest. Discovery News revealed, the East Indies and South China Seas had the most deep-sea catastrophe between the 1999 and 2011. As a matter of fact, 293 marine disasters were recorded on those two oceans alone.

Studies were conducted by the Southhampton Solent University Scientists about what’s behind the numerous ship accidents. In fact, not only accounting for the dangerous oceans themselves but the elements linked to the unfavorable marine incidents. Their research has shown that cargo ships account for roughly half of all vessels lost in the oceans. On the other hand, watercraft used for fishing made up close to one quarter.

The occurrence of shipwrecks is not only because the ocean itself has been recognized to be a very dangerous ocean. Most of the mishaps are actually connected to the weather condition, poorly maintained vessels, old age, and inaccuracies of performance. Also, a factor to be considered is the environmental risk. As observed, some of the most susceptible marine environments are situated in hotspots sections for ship accidents. Where in fact, the spilling of oils are specifically causing major damage to the ocean and coastal areas.



The World Most Dangerous Oceans – Meaningful Facts 

The SOUTH CHINA SEA is veritably a marginal sea, covered by the Pacific Ocean. It encompasses a section of the Karimata and Malacca Straits, particularly to the Strait of Taiwan of around 3.5 million square kilometers. The South China Sea attaches an immense crucial relevance, in which, 1/3 of the globe’s currently sailing ships passes through it. In fact, has been transporting three trillion dollars of trade every year. That comprise productively fisheries, important for securing food of millions of people in Southeast Asia. As well, tremendous gas and oil reserves are regarded to lie its seabed underneath.

The EAST INDIES or just Indies are South and Southeast Asia lands. The term Indies is taken from the River called Indus and is used to designate parts of Asia, which came under the cultural influence of the Indian. The People inhabited in the East Indies is composed of a wide array of cultural diversity.

The EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN stands for the nations geographically to the east of the sea of the Mediterranean. Basically, it is elucidated in two specifications. One, the Syria Region of the Cyprus Island and Turkey, in which, this restricts the interpretation to Western Asia. On the other hand, the Cyprus with Egypt and Greece, therefore encompassing the African and European portions to the definition. Furthermore, The Eastern Mediterranean share portion not only the geographic position but as well, certain customs, cuisines, and other twisted histories.



Another huge body of water on the planet is this famous and one of the most-talked sea – the BLACK SEA.

It is the borderline sea of the Atlantic Ocean that is between the Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is covered by many major rivers such as Dnieper, Danube, Southern Bug, Rioni, and the Dniester. What’s very interesting about this body of water among the other seas and oceans is that the Black Sea has a positive balance of water. It has an anoxic water, in which, it happens to be the greatest body of water having a meromictic basin. This implies the water movement between the upper and lower layers of water in the sea and happened to be the least searched anywhere around the globe.



The North Sea and the British Isles are also though-out to be one of the most dangerous oceans in the world. The BRITISH ISLES are a group of islands that are off the north-western coast of continental Europe. It is comprising the islands of Ireland, Great Britain, and more than 6000 smaller isles.

While the North Sea is a marginal body of water of the Atlantic Ocean situated between the countries Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. Known as an epeiric sea on the European continental shelf, the North Sea links to the ocean through the English Channel in the north Norwegian Sea and the south.